Laschet at “Show your color”: “We stand together now”

Status: 04/21/2021 3:17 a.m.

CDU boss Armin Laschet wants to approach the critics in his own ranks after the competition with CSU boss Söder for the Union chancellor candidacy. In the ARD broadcast Show your colors he spoke of reconciliation within the party.

The designated Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet wants to ensure that the party pulls together again after the hard fight for the candidacy. He now wants to “hold a lot of conversations, reconcile, bring together, also bring opposites back together,” said Laschet in the ARD-Broadcast Show your colors. “The CDU needs that now.”

Laschet announced that he would seek talks with the district associations in the next few days – just as he did after his election as CDU leader in January, when he approached the camps of his inferior competitors Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen. “We’re standing together now,” he said. He wanted to involve the CSU boss Markus Söder, who was defeated in the competition for the candidacy: “He will be a formative figure in this Union election campaign,” said Laschet.

Laschet and the big footsteps

In the interview, the CDU chief paid tribute to Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose successor at the head of government he wants to take over in the fall. “The shoes are of course big,” he said – and: “You have to have respect for this lifetime achievement”. He will “try to make the best of this position”.

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As Federal Chancellor, “you have to have a basic attitude,” said Laschet. “I have them.”

Ziemiak: “Laschet also candidate of hearts”

After the decision in favor of Laschet, Paul Ziemiak, Secretary General of the CDU, said in the daily topicsthat it was a “very intense week”. In response to the many debates and heated discussions, the CDU General Secretary stated that it was “a choice between two very good applicants”.

In response to the statement by CSU General Secretary Markus Blume that Söder was the candidate of the hearts, Ziemiak replied, “Laschet is also a candidate of the hearts”. The Union “is fortunate to have two candidates from the heart”. The upcoming federal election will be a choice of direction and decide whether Germany will slide to the left or stay in the middle.

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