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Last day for a cheap mobile plan less than 10 €


A package at 3.99 € / month? or maybe 100 GB at less than 10 € / month? This is the last day of promotions on Auchan Telecom’s cheap mobile plans, Cdiscount Mobile and NRJ Mobile. Low prices are jostling for all types of mobile plans. Auchan Telecom’s side, the mobile star package displays 40 GB for a price of € 4.99 / month. This is a no-obligation plan, which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Very small price also at Cdiscount Mobile, which for its part on a 30 GB envelope at 3.99 € / month. This limited series also concerns a no-commitment plan, with unlimited calls this time. Last contender for the best promos of the day, the limited series 100 GB of NRJ Mobile. It displays this large internet envelope for only € 9.99 / month. A price that stands out from the rest of the market. All of these specials end today. It remains to identify which one corresponds best to which need.

Cheap mobile plan: € 4.99 / month for 40 GB at Auchan

Among all the mobile plans whose promotional offers end today, is that of Auchan Telecom. Auchan Telecom is one of the French virtual mobile network operators. This means that it does not take advantage of its own network infrastructure. The so-called “Mobile Virtual Network Operator”, or MVNO, however have one or more partnerships with one of the big names in French mobile telephony.

Auchan telecom cheap mobile plan

Non-binding mobile planNon-binding mobile plan

from€ 8.99

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Regarding Auchan Telecom, the operator takes advantage of Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom’s mobile networks. This means that the Auchan Telecom 40 GB subscriber benefits from one of these good 4G networks. 40 GB is already a nice envelope of data. If the client wants to be clear, he can nevertheless estimate his data needs to verify that this mobile data envelope corresponds to him.

Besides this internet connection, this cheap mobile plan covers unlimited calls, but also SMS and MMS. The customer who subscribes takes advantage of the exceptional rate of € 4.99 / month for 6 months. It benefits from this 9 € monthly discount on the usual rate of this mobile plan, which is € 13.99 / month. Since this Auchan Telecom package is non-binding, the customer can however terminate it before arriving at the end of the six months of promotion.

Auchan Telecom offers its new customersensure portability of their current phone number. Please note that they must have their RIO code when ordering online. By subscribing to this cheap mobile plan, consumers ensure access to Auchan Telecom customer service, which operates from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Phone number portabilityPhone number portability

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An unlimited plan for less than € 4 at Cdiscount Mobile

Only a few hours left to take advantage of this good deal. The Cdiscount Mobile 30 GB mobile plan has a slightly smaller mobile data envelope than Auchan Telecom’s. However, this amount of data remains very sufficient for people who use the mobile internet in a reasonable way, without abusing the streaming and call videos.

promo limited series 30 Go cdiscount mobilepromo limited series 30 Go cdiscount mobile

Cdiscount mobileCdiscount mobile
Non-binding mobile planNon-binding mobile plan

from€ 9.99

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The user benefits from his 30 GB on a 4G network. This network is operated by one of the three major operators, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. If, on the other hand, the customer ends up exceeding the monthly data quota, its internet connection does not stop. The flow rates are simply “adjusted”, which means that they are slower.

On the telecommunications side, this cheap mobile plan is aligned with the habits of operators at the moment: it is an unlimited plan. So he understands all calls, SMS and MMS spent every month. This service applies as much for telecommunications spent in mainland France as for that emitted from the European Union and the French overseas departments. Travelers who wander in these destinations also benefit from 3 GB of Internet.

In terms of price, this promo package is paid € 3.99 / month for 6 months, then € 12 per month.

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only a few hours left to take advantage of the Woot 100 Go package at € 9.99

Promos on 100 GB packages, there are several at the moment. It must be noted, however, that NRJ Mobile is the only operator to offer this data envelope for less than € 10. By subscribing to this limited series, the customer effectively pays € 9.99 / month for one year.

NRJ Mobile cheap mobile plan 100 GBNRJ Mobile cheap mobile plan 100 GB

4G mobile plan4G mobile plan

from€ 19.99

See this offer

After this first 12-month period, the 100 GB subscription increases to € 19.99 / month. On the other hand, it is still a question of non-binding package. The customer can therefore completely cancel their NRJ Mobile plan before the end of their year at € 9.99 / month.

In terms of services, this cheap mobile plan joins the logic of other MVNO mobile plans whose promotions end today. It is indeed a unlimited plan. This mobile subscription thus includes all calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, but also from the EU and the French overseas departments. In these destinations, the customer also benefits from 10 GB of data.

If so summarize the 3 MVNO promotions that end this evening:

  • all are unlimited and non-binding plans;
  • everyone can be used abroad, especially in Europe and overseas;
  • 40 GB Auchan Telecom package at € 3.99 / month for 6 months;
  • 30 GB for € 3.99 for 6 months at Auchan Telecom;
  • Woot 100 GB package at € 9.99 / month for one year at NRJ Mobile.

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