Last minute blazing incident … Fire in construction site in Istanbul! There are dead and injured! – News

A fire broke out for an unknown reason in the container at the construction site at 02:00 last night at Ümraniye Altınordu Avenue in Istanbul last night. Containing about 50 people, the container started to burn in a short time. A large number of firefighters and medical teams were dispatched to the area.


According to the news in DHA, while workers were evacuated, 5 workers were injured from the fire by jumping high. A worker who could not go out died at the scene.

It was learned that most of the workers in the containers went on holiday leave. The funeral of the worker who died after the work of the prosecutor and the crime scene investigation police was sent to the forensic medicine institution. His colleagues did not leave the scene for a long time.

While the fire was taken under control after the work of the teams, a firefighter affected by the smoke was also taken to the hospital. On the other hand, the magnitude of the fire that broke out in the construction area appeared with the bleaching of the day. The fire area was viewed from the air.

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