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AK Party’s Numan Kurtmış made evaluations on the agenda of DHA. Freed, Turkey, stating that serious struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, “the most troubled time in taking our precautions both against the epidemic, running to all people around the world to help Turkey give a serious fight against the pandemic, but also to take steps to protect its rights in the international arena, particularly Libya . Turkey has decided date. in the future we will understand much better. be the history of the Regions, Turkish history writer who wrote the history of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Erdogan government of this decision taken by the far will have seen that it is an important step, “he said.


Regarding the CHP Chairperson Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s statement on the law proposal, which includes the regulations of the bar associations, passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly of Justice, Kurteved, said:

“Kılıdaroğlu’s statement is irrelevant and meaningless statement. Baroda, the only bar when Turkey’s unity, m 2 bar when Turkey is divided in the Ankara integrity is being protected? True is an output reflect. Forgive them look, you look a little historical background, Turkey ‘ also within each process to occur in times of emergency, some bards of how they were in the process of transition to this exceptional period in Turkey, let me tell you more open is registered in the memory from Turkey that how support for the coup. We know that, in the face of Ankara bar Association’s statement, the bar association to My registered lawyer friends stated that they never disagree with these views, since this is a solidarity institution for a profession, so let’s open a race here. They say “they do separatism.” Don’t we know, don’t we know that the management of some of the major bar associations supports the separatist terrorist organization under the human rights cover? We do not prevent anyone from saying ‘you do this activity’. It is not a separatism as it is said, but a way to create a new platform where people can express their views. ”


Regarding the social media arrangement, the AK Party member Kurtümüş said:

“We see social media as a field of freedom. This is an opportunity, an opportunity, in terms of expressing opinions. By hiding behind this opportunity, we cannot allow anyone to undress the dignity of dignity, to insult one another, hiding behind some fake accounts. These should be punished, and we should be very sensitive about fundamental issues, insults, especially we should stand on the same point about insulting women, those who say bad words, insults, those who use social media as an area of ​​evil should definitely be restricted. truly free, exclusive, enriches people can express their views very decent becomes a platform. Some dishonest, dishonorable manner unacceptable attack on the dignity of the other person. However, the relevant regulations should be done. this is not just Turkey’s problem. calculate some fetö’c We know how it does it. The man is not in Turkey, the slandering throws out fake accounts abroad, is launching a smear campaign, doing it in an organized manner. When they press the button, their networks are activated. There are such organized circles. You have to go over these and ask your account. Keep on using social media as an important medium with the right word. The things we call social media channels are certain companies. These companies should show the greatest sensitivity here. These companies should not pretend to be internal to the countries’ internal affairs, pretending they are sides. ”


Kurtümüş said, “It is planned to open Hagia Sophia for worship on July 15, will this happen?” On the question of “We will not forget, we will not forget July 15. We will continue to fight against FETO. We hope Hagia Sophia opens before. There is a process going on in the judiciary. will decide. So old, it will be decided as not suitable for the Cabinet decision allowing turned into a museum, it’s well welcome will be opened for worship in Hagia Sophia as an automatic result, we hope so. this is an important milestone for Turkey, it is uncomfortable with someone. İçimizdeki We can never accept that the Byzantines are uncomfortable about this issue. There is very intense support from all parties. Our nation is looking forward to opening Hagia Sophia for worship, “he said.


Mentioning the Istanbul Convention, Kurtmış said, “The Istanbul Convention is not a new issue. There are negative reactions about the Istanbul Convention from different segments. I am someone who is in the public every day, appears everywhere we go. We cannot stay insensitive to this. steps shall be taken on the matter. If necessary, how to exit from entering if the Istanbul Convention. 90 percent of the general public, came the big support from very high levels of support in different environments. appeal who are also available. Turkey is to avoid violence against women is a pioneer. it sits if necessary to eliminate violence against women We take our additional measures. But this contract, which is written in a feminist language and unfortunately some major negativities in terms of some articles, is exited. The necessary arrangements are made in the parliament. “


Stating that they always try to follow the public through questionnaires, Numan Kurtümüş said, “As of today, the AK Party is by far the first party to be almost twice the distance from its closest political rival. The nation’s support is in great support. The total votes also seem to be even above the level of votes we received in the last election. The AK Party has no loss of votes. Despite this, we follow different expectations from all parts of the society and we are working on our own lesson. Our principles as the Cumhuriyet alliance are clear. Although there are different parties made an alliance on which issues together, it is clear declaration of the moon. Hidden doors are not subject to any negotiations. in the fight against terrorism, Turkey’s struggle against imperialism, Turkey, in making common struggle against the regional problems, the basic national issues partnership of both parties it continues publicly, “he said.


Kurt Party from Kurt Party said that after August, county congresses will start and continue until November-December, and then they will hold the provincial congresses. Kurtümüş said, “We make our general congress according to the flow in the spring of 2021. The AK Party is the main element that strengthens the hand of our President and strengthens the presidential system. The stronger the AK Party has strengthened its social reconciliation, the more its representation ability in the society is increased. ‘s future is important both for the future of Turkey’s system. renewing our provincial and district conventions, on the contrary is not exactly will rise by pressing the top of the party to contribute to this cause, this party and knowledge to drag this case, accumulation, experience, ethics, political actors who have virtues “This will make the presidential system much more powerful and efficient.”


Expressing that election debates are part of efforts to divert the agenda, Kurtuld said:

“Trying to create a polemic through the election. Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu says in a statement,” We will hold the congress, this congress will be the ruling congress. “When explaining the ruling congress, there is an alliance between the CHP, the GOOD Party and the HDP. it is with it is understood that some meetings other parties are also in the added effort. We believe that all authority is legitimate to being in Turkey. But the alliance are clear, I recommend that the friendly and transparent. the scope of the alliance between the AK party and the MHP is certain is open and transparent. here alliance if they are to be established, they need to explain what principles the alliance between the sincere Kemalist voter and the HDP voter will be around. It also sends the message that they may be part of this alliance to those who have left the AK Party and have established another party. Everyone can say the basic principles. also some market It does not occur through buttonholes. The issue of early elections, the issue of alliances, emerges with the effort to deflect the agenda. I wish success to CHP congress. I would like to express that it is not politically equivalent to express what they call ‘principles’ over anti-Erdogan. This is only a set of political ideas that unlike each other come together like the ‘Town Musicians of Bremen’. ”


Reminding that the municipalities in Istanbul and Izmir stated that the aid was deliberately blocked by the government, the AK Party member Kurtümüş stated that the government, which mobilized every opportunity against the coronavirus, was sincerely obstructed by anyone who wanted to serve in this process. Kurtümüş said, “Municipalities are natural members of the anti-epidemic committee in the provincial sanitary boards. They come here, they support, they become part of the process. They can even be a pioneer of this process due to municipal opportunities. We are trying to pass this process cansiperaneously. Municipalities do not have the right to complain about it. “


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