Last minute married: New Zealand couple don’t wait for lockdown

The wedding party was actually scheduled for next Saturday. That would mean that they would have to cancel the wedding or that only ten guests would be allowed to attend.

Lots of guests

Despite the late announcement, there were still many, according to reports on social media friends and relatives come trotting, the New Zealand Herald newspaper writes on its website.

The lockdown in New Zealand’s largest city will last at least until next Sunday. Two weeks ago, the city already had a three-day lockdown. According to Prime Minister Ardern, the new lockdown is necessary due to a new contamination unrelated to other positive cases in recent weeks.

Cause for concern

Ardern said there is “cause for concern” because the last case identified involves a person who had been contagious for a week but had not been quarantined. He visited a doctor on Friday and then went to a gym.

The city’s approximately 1.7 million residents have to stay at home and only go out for essential shopping or work.

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