Last year, the demand for “Ādaži Chips” with less salt increased by 93% Press release

February 15, 2021.

The information was prepared by Lineta Mikša, Communication Director of Orkla Latvija.

According to Orkla Latvija data, in 2020 the demand for “Ādaži Chips”, which contain less salt, has increased by 93%. Also this year, “Orkla Latvija” continues to develop the assortment of “Adazi Chips”, offering potato chips with a reduced amount of salt.

“Given that these products have a salt content of less than 1%, they are consumed by both chip lovers who want a milder taste of chips and those who are looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite snacks. In 2019, we began to develop the range by offering classic potato chips. with less salt, the demand for products in this segment almost doubled in 2020, thanks to a novelty – chips with yoghurt and red onion flavor and reduced salt content.In 2021, we continue this success story by offering an innovation – potato chips with rosemary, thyme and pink pepper taste and less salt, “emphasizes Lineta Mikša, Communications Director of Orkla Latvija

This project was implemented within the framework of Orkla Latvija’s sustainability strategy, which includes a commitment to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical and long-term business principles throughout the supply chain, from production to product delivery to stores. You can find out more about Orkla Latvija’s sustainability strategy here:

“Step by step, we are implementing our sustainability strategy and we are really pleased that the fans of our products appreciate it. Since the beginning of 2020, all” Ādaži Chips “products are produced using only sunflower oil, and we will be able to report additional news soon. At the same time, we are developing a wide range of products with different tastes, including those who want to enjoy chips with less salt, “adds Lineta Mikša.

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“Ādažu Čipsu” factory produces the highest quality potato chips and other savory snacks, which are popular not only in Latvia, but also in export markets. In the total market, sales of chips and other savory snacks in kilograms have increased by 12% since 2018, which shows that consumers are increasingly consuming this type of snack.

Couple “Orkla Latvia”:

Orkla Latvija’s total turnover in 2019 was 117.3 million euros. Orkla is an expert in developing strong local brands, preserving their product traditions, values ​​and modernizing production processes. “Orkla Latvija” represents such popular brands in Latvia as “Laima”, “Selga”, “Staburadze”, “Ādažu Chips”, “Taffel the Original Snacks”, “Pedro”, “Spilva”, “Gutta”, “Everest”, “Latplanta”, “Abba” and others.

Additional information:

Lineta Mikša,

Communication Director of Orkla Latvija

Mob. +371 2656 9932


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