Latest house 2 news for today August 17, 2022

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today August 17, 2022:

  1. Tigran Salibekov spent the night with a new participant in the project, was going to look after her and arranged a date for a new passion, but the girl was kicked out of the gate in order to leave Alexei Adeev’s fans on the project. Another attempt by Salibekov build relationships failed?
  2. Aleksey Adeev asked the hosts of House 2 to leave two of his fans in Polyana: one for Lyosha, and the other for Maxim Kolesnikov, who no longer knows how to get rid of Ekaterina Gorina, who is too actively showing her sympathy.
  3. Vlad Dubrovsky got into serious alteration. He joked unsuccessfully, touching Anton Sannikov’s girlfriend by the ass. After that, Anton gave Dubrovsky a beating and knocked out his tooth. However, Ivan Barzikov could also damage Dubrovsky’s teeth, who also attacked Vlad in support of Sannikov. Dubrovsky is going to file a police report against Sannikov.
  4. Ex-member of House 2 Alexandra Cherno listened to the criticism of anti-fans and for the first time in a long time went for a walk with her son. Before that, she was sure that a mom-blogger can walk with her children only on weekends. How should she know, because on weekends Cherno usually visits entertainment establishments?
  5. Alexander Gobozov – the eternal romantic from House 2 celebrates his birthday. We congratulate Sasha and wish him to finally find his love and find a home.
  6. Alena Ashmarina, a former member of House 2, is glad that Ilya Grigorenko began to fulfill his promises and called his daughter Alice at the appointed time. Wow, what a miracle, Grigorenko fit into the busy schedule of blogger Ashmarina?
  7. Leading House 2 Ksenia Borodina on vacation in Turkey raised a very sensitive topic. It seems to Ksenia that many adult men are behind the times and still wear swimming trunks on the beach, so they look funny. For example, Borodina brought several men on vacation, showing photos to subscribers. House 2 is sinking, but does Borodina have all her thoughts about strangers?
  8. Anastasia Bigrina is already thinking about returning to the project. The wife of Evgeny Romashov admits that it is difficult to live outside the perimeter, but it is very interesting and fun, besides, she and Zhenya are their own masters. If the conditions for returning to the cameras are very, very good, then the Romashovs may return. How do you feel about the return of the Romashovs to the project?
  9. Latest house 2 news from for today 08/17/2022 – Former members of House 2 Ilya Yabbarov and Anastasia Gold are resting in the Crimea, where they are warmly received by visitors to nightclubs and discos. Why did Yabbarov deceive the viewers of the TV project, promising to return to Polyana in the near future?

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