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2023-06-09 11:53:23

Check HERE the latest news from Venezuela, the price of the official and parallel dollar and everything you need to know regarding the country governed by Nicolás Maduro. Photo: composition LR/Fabrizio Oviedo/EFE

In Venezuela, the delivery of the Hogares de la Patria Bonus continues and the disposition of the Economic War 2023 Bonus has already been established for the second week of June. The state decision persists despite the fact that 78% of the national industry “worsened” in the first quarter of this annuity. The Venezuelan Confederation of Industrialists (Coindustria) also reported that 56% of those surveyed were optimistic regarding the future of the sector.

News in Venezuela: what is happening today, Friday June 9, in the country?

Maduro commits to expanding work mechanisms with the ICC Prosecutor’s Office

The president of VenezuelaNicolás Maduro, promised to continue “expanding the work mechanisms” with the prosecution of the International Criminal Court (ICC), following meeting this Thursday with the prosecutor of the high court, Karim Khan, who is visiting the Caribbean country. “We will continue to expand the work mechanisms with this body,” said the head of state on Twitter, where he shared a photograph of the “work meeting” held at the Miraflores presidential palace, the seat of the Executive, in Caracas. , where the executive secretary of the National Human Rights Council, Larry Devoe, was also present. The president pointed out that during the meeting they reviewed the “progress achieved following implementing the memorandum of understanding” signed between the State and the high court in November 2021.

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How can I find out if I am on the list of new IVSS pensioners?

To find out or check if a person appears on the list of new pensioners, you must visit the official IVSS website at

Then, enter the identity card number and the date of birth of the person who opts for the pension, in order to verify if it has already been assigned.

Yummy Dollar TODAY, Friday June 9: price of the dollar in Venezuela

The Yummy Dollar portal established the price of the dollar in Venezuela at 24.86 bolivars.

Photo: Yummy

Tropical wave: rains increase in Venezuela

The rainy season is recorded between May and October in Venezuela. Tropical waves touch Venezuelan soil each year with heavy downpours and thunderstorms in some cases.

DolarToday TODAY, Friday June 9: price of the dollar in Venezuela

The price of the dollar in Venezuela remains at 28.15 bolivars, according to the DolarToday portal.

Photo: Dolartoday

Last May 31st, the president Nicolas Maduro announced the reactivation of border security cooperation with Brazil. The head of state reported that his Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, will travel “soon” to the nation led by Lula da Silva to draw up plans. “We are going to reactivate it immediately with Brazil as we reactivated it with Colombia. (…) Soon General Padrino has to travel to Brazil to establish border cooperation plans at the highest level of communication,” Maduro said during his message to the nation.

War Bond and First Special Bond

Latest war bond payment for Venezuelan public workers began on Friday, May 12. Days later, on Monday May 15, the deposit of the subsidy for retirees began. For their part, the pensioners of the IVSS y Greater Love They were part of the benefit from the 19th of that month.

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The last payment for pensioners of the IVSS y Greater Love corresponds to 20 dollars through the Economic War Bond.

  • Active staff: from May 12
  • Retirees: from May 15
  • IVSS and Amor Mayor pensioners: from May 19

Payment of the Economic War Bond. Photo: Composition LR/Broadcast

What is the price of the BCV dollar TODAY, Thursday, June 8?

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) established a value of Bs. 26,70 for every dollar for today, Thursday June 8, 2023.

Price of the BCV dollar TODAY, Thursday June 8: official rate according to the Central Bank of Venezuela. Photo: BCV

DolarToday: price of the dollar TODAY, Thursday, June 8, in Venezuela

The DolarToday portal established a price of Bs. 28,15 per dollar today, Thursday June 8.

DolarToday: price of the dollar in Venezuela today, Thursday June 8. Photo:

Dollar Monitor: parallel dollar price TODAY, Thursday June 8

A 27.58 bolivars price has been updated dollar in Venezuelaaccording to the Dollar Monitor portal.

Dollar Monitor: price of the dollar in Venezuela today, Thursday June 8. Photo:

War Bonus and Second Special Bonus: Get paid today!

The special bonds for April were 100 bolivars. For this month the assigned amount would be the same. According to Venezuelan media, the benefit would be dedicated to Mother’s Day in Venezuela.

War Bond 2023: will pensioners have an increase?

  • APN retirees: they will receive the equivalent in bolivars of USD 49 as an indexed war bond plus the amount they have been receiving for retirement.
  • IVSS pensioners: they will receive the equivalent in bolivars to 20 USD of the indexed war bond plus 130.00 bs. collected as a pension.

Banesco clients will NOW be able to receive remittances: check here what requirements you must have

Banesco reported that remittances sent by relatives and relatives can be received directly in an account in bolivars. Sending will be possible from any of the more than 200 countries where MoneyGram has physical ticket offices.


  • Have an account in bolivars in Banesco.
  • Have an active green account in Banesco
  • Personal and contact information must be up to date
  • The recipient must provide the payer with the telephone number affiliated with Banesco.

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