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The Apple iPhone 13 series officially went on sale today (September 24). Yesterday ezone.hk has received a preliminary price for the recall, which confirms that the new phone is worthy of speculation this time! As a result, Xianar opened the market today, and the recycling prices of some models have steadily increased. Among them, the 1TB capacity iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most popular. The recycling price was once as high as $15,300, earning $1,701 per unit!

  • Apple iPhone 13 Series First Recycling Price
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB is best to earn
  • Profit per unit is as high as $1,701

The following is today’s iPhone 13 quotation. The store’s latest pricing information is as of 10:00 pm (just updated). From the latest quotation, it can be seen that only some iPhone 13 Pro Max models have been accepted recently, but these models are more “hot” and the store’s demand is greater. Other iPhone 13 models have not been quoted yet, and the new prices should not be available until the store opens tomorrow. Therefore, if you want to sell them, you should pay attention to the iPhone 13 recycling quote list tomorrow.

Everyone should pay attention to the iPhone 13 recycling price may go up or down, and the price is subject to the store.

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