Launch of the national seasonal influenza vaccination campaign for the elderly

The national seasonal flu vaccination campaign was launched this Sunday at the Dely Ibrahim old age center in the presence of the ministers of national solidarity, the family and the condition of women and health, the population and hospital reform.

On this occasion, the Minister of Solidarity, Kaoutar Krikou recalled the efforts that her department continues to provide with a view to better care for disadvantaged categories, especially the elderly, accommodated in centers under its jurisdiction. sector.

The minister affirms that “there is a political will A political will to provide all possible care to the elderly, especially in these difficult sanitary conditions due to the spread of the epidemic of Coronavirus and seasonal flu, which requires the provision of vaccines to alleviate their severity ”

Ms. Kriko praised the positive efforts made so far by her department in light of the health crisis that the country is experiencing like all countries in the world, and this, by taking charge at the level of centers and institutions reporting to the ministry to deal with the spread of the pandemic, calling for caution and constant vigilance to limit the spread of the epidemic, especially in centers and institutions for the elderly and children.

She also paid tribute to doctors and health professionals, as well as all categories of civil society for the work they do in order to preserve the health of citizens through awareness-raising work among citizens of the strict application. precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic and overcome the health crisis, noting that the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign will be generalized to include all parts of the national territory, in particular the gray areas.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, affirms that this seasonal flu vaccination campaign will be generalized throughout the national territory, specifying that it particularly targets the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases, indicating that the vaccine is currently available in hospitals.

The minister also assured that the vaccine would be “available and in the event of a shortage, other quantities will be acquired in order to protect the health of citizens”. According to the minister, this vaccine guarantees 60% of health protection against influenza, and in case the person who was vaccinated is infected, the effect of the disease will be mild and will not affect his health.

As a reminder, the national seasonal flu vaccination campaign was launched on November 3 and will be in effect during the fall and winter period. Benbouzid, moreover, confirmed that the vaccine is available at the level of public health establishments and pharmacies, noting that each fall, thousands of people in Algeria are infected with the seasonal flu, and vaccination remains the “most important solution. effective ”to prevent complications from this flu.

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