Entertainment launch Tuesday, from what time can we subscribe?

launch Tuesday, from what time can we subscribe?


DISNEY + – Tuesday April 7, 2020, Disney’s streaming platform finally comes out in France. Schedule, catalog, prices … Here is all the information you need to know about Disney +.

[Mis à jour le 06 avril 2020 à 17h22] In a few hours, you will be able to (re) discover all the greatest classics from Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Lucasfilm studios. The new Disney + subscription subscription platform offer finally arrives in France on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. On this new streaming medium which promises to seriously compete with Netflix, subscribers will be able to find more than 500 films, 300 series and 25 original content, but also documentaries, short films or reality TV programs for the sum of € 6.99 per month. Some Canal + subscribers will be able to discover Disney content for free for 12 months, since the Mickey firm signed an exclusive partnership with the group of encrypted channels.

But at what time will the Mickey firm’s new platform be officially launched? Disney + will be accessible from midnight French time, said Maxime Saada, chairman of the board of directors of the Canal Plus Group, this Monday on Europe 1: “Indeed, it starts this evening at midnight” he specifies concerning the joint offers of Disney and Canal + . Future subscribers will therefore be able to register for the streaming platform upon waking up Tuesday, April 7, 2020, and directly benefit from the Disney + content. To access the platform, nothing could be simpler: just go to the official website or to the various application stores for computer, tablets or smartphone. Most connected screens offer the streaming platform, while noting that only Canal +, exclusive distributor of Disney +, can market this service to its subscribers.

To take advantage of Disney + with 7 days free trial, click here

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While the American public is the first to be able to take advantage of the subscription streaming offer, Disney + does not arrive until spring in Europe. In France, a first date announced a launch for March 24. Due to concerns about the saturation of the Internet, it was finally on April 7, 2020 at midnight that Disney + was launched in France.

Disney + offers lower prices than its main competitor, Netflix. Good news for subscribers who may consider Disney + as a complementary application to the streaming giant. In France, the Disney + subscription is set at a price of € 6.99 per month. The annual subscription is more attractive since it costs € 69.99 (i.e. two months free) instead of € 83.88 / year. As a reminder, Disney + offers a free seven-day trial. Click here for details of Disney + rates.

To register for Disney +, click on this link.

Partner of Disney +, Canal + will offer its subscribers to take advantage of the new subscription streaming service as soon as it is launched in France. Remember that it will still be quite possible to subscribe only to Disney + via a separate application, but some Canal subscribers will have the right to the catalog for free. This is the case for subscribers to the Integral, Integral + and Cine Series Packs will be able to take advantage of the Disney + subscription. In addition, subscribers to the Family Pack and Canal +, Disney + Pack offers will be free for 12 months. Future Canal + subscribers will also be able to benefit from Disney + in certain offers at preferential rates, until June 3, 2020. Find details of Canal + offers including Disney +. For those who do not wish to subscribe to Canal + offers but who wish to take advantage of the catalog of the new streaming platform, there is no obligation: it is possible to benefit from Disney + only thanks to the specially created application .

Regulars of subscription streaming offers probably know that it is often possible to enjoy viewing on multiple screens. Disney + also offers this possibility since the subscription allows you to watch on four different screens simultaneously. Handy when you don’t want to look at the same things as children for example. Note also that each subscriber account has the possibility of creating seven different profiles in order to separate the playlists of each member of the family.

For the French launch of its streaming service, Disney promises more than 500 films and 300 series (including the 30 seasons of The Simpsons), as well as 26 original Disney + creations, or almost as much content as the American catalog launched in November 2019. Studio enthusiasts will find in particular all of the firm’s great animation classics at Mickey, as well as most of the Pixar films (with the exception of the most recent) or the Star Wars saga, not counting episode 8 and 9. Most films produced by Disney, such as Pirate of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia, or several Marvel films will also be available. As a reminder, Disney recently concluded the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, its assets and its production capacities. In terms of original content, we can count on the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian created by Jon Favreau. A High School Musical series will also be visible on Disney +. Find the complete Disney + catalog.

To access Disney + in France, simply go to the platform’s official website or access it via the various application stores. Note that the streaming platform is accessible via smartphones, tablets, consoles, computers, connected TVs, … etc. On Canal +, Disney + is accessible via the dedicated application, MyCanal, or channel 16.

Disney + – Launch in France on April 7, 2020


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