Launched in 2003, this sci-fi game always pushes the boundaries of its universe further. Starfield seems so “small” next to it

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Game news Launched in 2003, this sci-fi game always pushes the boundaries of its universe further. Starfield seems so “small” next to it

Published on 09/22/2023 at 6:30 p.m.

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Science fiction has experienced renewed interest over the past ten years, thanks in particular to the release of several major works – cinematographic and video games – which have popularized the genre among the general public. Starfield, the futuristic Action-RPG from Bethesda Softworks, worked in this direction last September and it is now the turn of an MMO launched in 2003 to take over this fall.

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer strategy game set in the vastness of space. This MMO developed by CCP Games takes place 21,000 years in the future in the heart of a universe known as New Eden. With its 10 million players, its battles entered into the Guinness World Records and its betrayals which hit the headlines, this game has been evolving for two decades. To celebrate EVE Online’s 20th anniversary, Icelandic studios have revealed the next expansion.

An expanding universe

The new EVE Online expansion risks shaking the foundations of a constantly evolving universe. The conflicts that are igniting thousands of star systems will take on a much more human dimension embodied by Deathless, the leader of the pirate factions who are spreading corruption on New Eden. Capsuleers (players) can finally join the pirates and in particular two factions – Angel Cartel and Guristas – who are recruiting massively to lead the insurrection facing the main empires of the galaxy.

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It is up to you to join this harbinger of chaos or to defend the established order and therefore the empires. With its operational base located in the new Zarzakh star system, Deathless controls four mysterious “stargates” built by the Jovian alien race. These structures always push the boundaries of the known universe further by connecting this system to some of those already existing. To compare, Starfield spans no fewer than 120 star systems while EVE Online has 7,800.

EVE Online: Havoc releases on November 14, 2023 on PC.

Always more content and new features

The EVE Online Havoc expansion and the corruption of pirates are accompanied by several features and new features long awaited by Capsuleers, but also new ships that will have a lasting impact on conflicts. 5 buildings, one of which was particularly impressive, delighted players during the Fanfest 2023 keynote. Between the destroyers Mekubal and Mamba, the Battlecruisers Khizriel and Alligator and finally the immense and overpowering Angel Titans – Azeriel (see the visual below) dedicated to dominating the battlefields in the four corners of the universe, ship lovers will be served.

CCP Games also brings new tools for corporation leaders (groups of players under a common banner) to manage and reward their members. They will thus be able to appoint Project Managers and assign projects and other in-game activities. EVE Online is also refining its tool for customizing structures, stations and ships in order to give players the opportunity to express their creativity. Finally, Reykjavik-based studios update their game engine. Developed in-house, the Carbon Engine promises technical and graphical improvements coming by 2024.

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