Laura Acuña came to Día a Día, from Caracol Televisión, and cried on her debut

The presenter is the new face in the celebration of the 20 years of that program from Snail Television recognized among Colombian families and, as such, she was the first to be welcomed back on set.

Laura Acuna entered next to Carolina Soto, Catalina Gomez Y Carlos Calero placeholder image [vea acá cómo eran hace 20 años], after a year of doing the program each one from their home. In addition, this meant the return to this type of programs of the Bumanguesa presenter, who was previously in the RCN Channel, although she will work on another Caracol project.

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Between hugs and laughter, there was praise for all the drivers of ‘Day to day‘and that was when Laura Acuña was able to talk about the emotion she felt for returning to this type of program, since it was for more than 10 years in ‘Very good days‘, next to Jota Mario Valencia.

“It’s very exciting. You feel the family from the moment you arrive and not only for the three of you, but for all those who are here working. For a program to be 20 years old, the support of Colombians is very great, “he said before warning:” I am easy to tear. “

Later, in your account Instagram (@lauraacunaayala) she shared a photo with her setmates thanking them once more, although she did not confirm if she will stay with them for a long time:

Messages from Laura Acuña’s relatives made her cry

The first to appear on the screen of the program was her mother, Yolanda Ayala, who spoke of the happiness she feels to see her daughter on television again Colombian woman much calmer, because before she was in a section of the newscast and that’s when she resigned.

Following the words of his mother, Laura Acuña, who praised Egan Bernal’s mother, said “God has blessed me in many ways, but my mom has been my angel who has never tired of praying for me ”.

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Later, who appeared in front of the viewers and the presenters was Elizabeth, Laura’s sister. She also had words of praise for the 38-year-old woman that now moved her and made her cry.

“She is like my soul mate, my friend, my confidant and much more. The relationship we have is really very good. ‘Carlitos’ and ‘Carito’ already know her, now there’s ‘Cata’ missing, I’ll introduce it to you soon, “said Laura Acuña, while the Barranquilla presenter declared himself a fan of the woman.

For many viewers it was a novelty to see the sister of the new host of Caracol Televisión, who dazzles with her beauty on social networks.


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