Laura Borlini to Melissa Klug: “It must be strange that your daughters are the age of your lover” | Jesus Barco | SHOWS

Updated 11/21/2020 at 9:54 PM

After Melissa Klug publicly confirmed her romance with soccer player Jesús Barco, the host of ‘En Exclusively’, Laura borlini, did not hesitate to comment on the new partner of the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ in his program.

DO NOT STOP READING: Melissa Klug confirmed romance with the soccer player of the Sports University, Jesús Barcoco

Argentina commented that the young soccer player from Sports UniversityHe’s pretty handsome”. However, what attracted the most attention was his comment on the age difference between Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco.

As is known, the young flyer is 23 years old, while the Chalaca businesswoman turned 36 years old this year.

“It must be weird that your daughters are the age of your crush”, highlighted the host of Panamericana TV.

It is worth mentioning that Melissa Klug no longer hides her relationship with Jesús Barco and therefore decided to share the romantic detail that the footballer sent her home.

And it is that Jesús Barco surprised her with an arrangement of tulips and Melissa Klug did not hesitate to label it to thank him for the gesture. In addition, he accompanied the image with one of the last songs of the singer Nacho, entitled “La Buena”, in which “tell everyone that you’re with me now”.

As you remember, a few months ago Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco were captured very affectionate; however, at that time they did not want to give details of their romance.


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