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Mexican actor and the ex-partner of , , they discussed and told each other live, throwing adjectives in the program “Amor y Fuego”.

And it is that Alfredo Adame returned to criticize Laura Bozzo, whom he accuses of having committed the crime of human trafficking for 17 years, and even refers that he has proof of it.

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In addition, Adame recalled that years ago she said that she would put her in jail, as she assures that Laura Bozzo had a supposed modus operandi, that is, she worked with Peruvians in Mexico on a tourist visa; and that both the host and Christian Suárez took them to the Aztec country to put them to work on their television programs.

Precisely, in the program “Amor y Fuego”, which is broadcast on Willax TV, Adame and Suarez were interviewed, but dialogue was almost impossible with Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, for a rain of risque words was imposed between them.

Crossing of adjectives between Alfredo Adame and Christian Suárez

“You are stupid and not worth a peanut. I am an international starl, but you’re stupid you’re not worth anything, a shitty fifth that’s what you are ”, the Mexican actor told Laura Bozzo’s ex.

Given this, Christian Suárez told the drivers that he would answer to them, but he will not respond to a liar and sick person, referring to Adame.

“You are mediocre. You are a liar and sick you’re going to have to prove to justice all the stupid things you talk about, because everything you’re saying is serious, they’re crimes”, The former Argentine singer shouted to the Mexican, whom he referred to, he would denounce.

Christian Suárez defends Laura Bozzo

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“I can tell you that you are stupid, but from there to accuse you, it is different,” Christian Suárez said when he indicated that Adame did not answer, because he called him to “tell him his truths.”

“I slapped you in the hallways”

However, the atmosphere of tension did not stop there, because the Mexican actor described Suárez as interested. “You are a poor devil … what you were with an older woman twice your age to feed you and get into a car, because you don’t sing or dance or anything … She (Laura Bozzo) slapped you in the hallways”, he claimed Alfredo Adame.

Mexican actor Alfredo Adame said that Laura Bozzo
Mexican actor Alfredo Adame said that Laura Bozzo “slapped Cristian. (Social networks)



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