Home Entertainment Laura Müller was not a fan of Michael Wendler at all

Laura Müller was not a fan of Michael Wendler at all


A hit star gets to know a female fan at one of his concerts and falls head over heels in love with her. The love story of Michael Wendler (47) and Laura Müller (19) sounds like a fairy tale. It is – at least in part. In her new RTL series “Laura and the Wendler – totally in love with America”, which can be seen on TVNow from February 21, Laura’s parents come to visit for the first time. Mami Müller exposes a love lie of the couple in love.

Until now, Laura and Wendler always told in their getting to know each other that Laura was a loyal supporter of the pop star. That shouldn’t be right. “She was not a Michael Wendler fan at all,” reveals Lauras Mami in the new series of the two. Laura’s father also shakes his head vehemently and agrees with his wife. The question arises what Laura wanted at the concert when she was not a fan of her current “Schatzi”.



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