Laurent Combalbert led a “negotiation” for one billion euros

Former cop (at the Raid), Laurent Combalbert has become a professional negotiator. And also a novelist, for the first time in “Négo”. Obviously.

It starts in Caracas and, in just a few pages, we get to the heart of the matter: a child has been kidnapped, the kidnapper demands an incredible amount of money, on pain of killing the little boy. Stanislas Monville, alias Stan, takes action: professional negotiator, he will activate all his networks to find out more about the hostage taker, but also about the latter’s family. Then play on the right strings so that everything ends smoothly… That is for the appetizer, the setting up. Because the investigation into which Stan then launches is of a much greater complexity and perversity: it is, nothing less, than to defend the interests of a group that wants to build the largest laboratory of biodiversity in the world, somewhere in Laos. Finally, officially …

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