Laurent Ruquier: A Closer Look at His Departure from France Télévisions and Arrival on BFMTV

2023-09-22 17:15:00
Laurent Ruquier arrives on BFMTV | TV 7sur7“I was treated like dirt”: Laurent Ruquier looks back on the reasons for his departure from France Télévisions for BFMTV Sudinfo.beLaurent Ruquier looks back on his unexpected departure from France 2: “Trust was broken” The eveningLaurent Ruquier categorically refuses to go on the set of “Quelle époque” and Léa Salamé: the host believes that he could be trapped! PublicHugo Manos rants against the management of France Télévisions after the departure of Laurent Ruquier (ZAPTV) Here isSee full coverage on Google News
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