Laurita Fernández spoke about her relationship with Rufina Cabré: “I don’t speak anymore but I see the photos that China uploads and she is beautiful”

Laurita Fernandez He said that he did not speak with Rufina Cabré after ending her relationship with her dad, Nicolás Cabré. In dialogue with The Morning AngelsThe actress said that she lost contact with the girl but admitted that from time to time she has a conversation with her ex-partner.

“With Nico we talk from time to time,” he said. the driver of The Divorced Club in the morning broadcast of eltreEC. In the interview, the little angels took the opportunity to ask him if they wanted to go back and the actress responded negatively: “No, no.”

Then, from the panel they asked him if he spoke again with the actor’s daughter and the China Suarez and Laurita said that she had no further contact with the girl after ending the relationship. “No, but I see her in the photos that China uploads and she is beautiful,” said Laurita, making reference to that they follow in Intagram with Rufi’s famous mom.


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