Lawsuit against Transmilenio announced for murder of Oswaldo Muñoz

As explained by Nilson Martínez, in CM & News, the reason why your family will initiate legal proceedings against Transmilenio because five days after the events no competent authority (Prosecutor’s Office, Police or Secretary of Security) or a company spokesperson has responded to the case.

“We are getting legal advice, we have already decided to sue Transmilenio because their response was quite banal for me and my family, and the truth is that we want justice,” explained the nephew of Oswaldo Muñoz.

The young man assured, in the news, that what his family intends with this process is that the case of the waiter by profession, murdered on October 29 in an attempt to steal his cell phone inside a bus, “is not another death” of the many that the insecurity in Bogotá.

“This cannot be another file filed in the Prosecutor’s Office, one more number”Martinez lamented.

The young man, representing the Muñoz family, had already shown his disagreement with the District administration after Mayor Claudia López proposed to deport “without contemplation” foreign citizens, mainly those of Venezuelan nationality, who come to commit crimes in the city.

“I think deportation is not enough. I think they should pay with jail. I think that it is the only way to do justice and that they feel a little, even if it is, the immense pain that we are feeling “, Martinez had said, in Caracol Radio.

Progress in the case of the murder of Oswaldo Muñoz in Transmilenio

Regarding the investigation into the murder of Muñoz in Transmilenio, which was registered at the Calle 85 station when he was stabbed and bled to death inside the bus, authorities revealed a video of a security camera where it is seen when the alleged murderers get off the bus and flee towards the avenue.

The Police also released a spoken portrait of man which he accuses “of causing the death of Muñoz”, and offers a reward of 20 million pesos for information that allows its capture.

Noticias Caracol spread the moment when the accused criminal attacks his victim and then flees.


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