Lazio footballer threatened by ultras for singing Resistance song

Sunday, July 18, a video showing Lazio defender Elseid Hysaj singing the famous song linked to the Italian Resistance Beautiful Hello was posted on social media. These images were not appreciated by the extremist fringe of the ultras of the team, who insulted the player, going so far as to ask for a “explication” face to face.

It is a disturbing message, which appeared during the night, on a banner unfolded on a bridge of one of the main arteries of the Italian capital: “Hysaj, you are an earthworm, Lazio is fascist”. For two days, Elseid Hysaj, Albanian defender of Lazio in Rome, has been the subject of insults and threats from his own supporters. What some ultra extremists blame him for is not a game error (recently transferred from Napoli, the man has not yet played official meetings with his new club), but to have sung a song. A surreal affair, of which The Gazzetta dello Sport details the contours.

“The player is in the sights of many Lazio supporters because he sang Beautiful Hello during a dinner with his teammates ”, explains the sports daily, which emphasizes that this song is usually associated with the Resistance, and, by extension, to the Italian left. Now it is well known that the Lazio ultras do not lean in this direction, but on the contrary are famous throughout the Boot for their far-right ideas.

Racism and anti-Semitism

The publication of Hysaj’s video gave life to a deluge of insults from supporters of the club in the city of Rome (although some have defended it), and the case was not limited to a settling of scores on the Web. According to Corriere dello Sport, Lazio ultras would have “Went to the restaurant where the team was meeting to speak with the player. But since this one had already left the place, they went directly to the hotel where the team was. ” After an exchange with the leaders, the question seemed to be resolved, but the appearance in the night of a banner against the player in the streets of the capital gave new life to this affair.

Certain sections of the Lazio ultras are familiar with episodes of this kind. With their insults of all kinds vis-à-vis black players and other racist banners, they have a particularly sulphurous reputation in the world of transalpine football. A racism that sometimes also slides towards anti-Semitism, as in 2017, when some supporters of the team had distributed in the city images of Anne Frank dressed in the jersey of theAS Roma, the rival team from the capital.

Beniamino Morante

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