Le Havre-PSG (0-9): relive the Parisian demonstration

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The essential

  • PSG was traveling to Le Havre tonight for a gala match. Who turned to correction.
  • The attack quartet (Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappé, Icardi) had a booming first period. The bis team, aligned by Tuchel, was just as relentless.
  • Nearly 4,980 people were present at the Océane stadium. It was the first professional football meeting with so many spectators in Europe since the deconfinement.
  • PSG still has two test runs (17 against Waasland-Beveren, 21 against Celtic Glasgow) before playing its two national finals and entering the Final 8 of the Champions League.

> Relive the meeting minute by minute:

END OF THE MATCH. PSG took place in Le Havre tonight: 9-0. A river victory that reflects the difference in level between the two teams. So what to retain from this service in view of the national and European deadlines, despite the little adversity? A slew of goals, no injuries, but also a lot of envy.

90 ‘. Pembélé at the base! The young winger tries his luck with a Thierry Henry strike. His coiled strike lacks precision slightly and flees the frame.

84 ‘. First dangerous action for Le Havre. A wingman entered the area on the left side and struck despite the closed angle. It’s a shame because a teammate was tumbling back.

This fright did not manage to snatch a smile from Le Havre technician Paul Le Guen.

79′. Kalimuendo sort au profit de Kays Ruiz. 35 minutes, a goal and a big smile when joining the bench.

The 17-year-old midfielder, who passed through Barcelona, ​​is presented as a great hope for French football. Our portrait HERE.

70 ‘. The pace fell back to the Océane stadium. Le Havre even allows itself a few forays into Parisian defense, but without really worrying the porter Rico.

Mbappé and Neymar got out of the locker room and went up, masked, in the stands.

63′. Bakker is replaced by Pembélé.

62 ‘. Laughter but no 10th goal. Pablo Sarabia stops the shot from Draxler who was going to offer 10-0 to his own, the two men prefer to laugh.

61 ‘. We are getting closer to 10-0 … The ride continues. Kalimuendo is found in depth by Verratti. Parisian hope gives Sarabia to the second post which only has to conclude. It’s new! Will Eric Choupo-Moting be there too?

59 ‘. 8-0. The young Kalimuendo opens his counter! Nice combination of Choupo Moting and Sarabia. The Spaniard serves Kalimuendo perfectly at the penalty spot. The attacker scores carefree in the empty goal …

REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

We told you about this hope in early June. The 18-year-old forward could take advantage of the reshuffle of the Parisian workforce to enter the rotation next season.

53 ‘. 7-0! Pablo Sarabia scores on a Verratti offering. The Spaniard performs a perfect right-side volley on an incredible Verratti service. As usual, the Italian lifted his ball just enough to lob the opposing defender.

47 ‘. 6-0 thanks to Idrissa Gueye. The Parisian environment pushes the ball into the back of the net on a roundabout corner. He puts his knee on the ground after this goal, a sign of support for the planetary anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter.

46 ‘. Big workforce review, as expected. No less than nine changes have been made by Tuchel. Only Bakker is still on the lawn.

The new composition: Rico – Growing, Silva, Mbe Soh, Bakker – Draxler, Verratti, Gueye, Sarabia – Choupo-Moting, Kalimuendo.

HALF TIME. PSG is on display this evening at the Océane stadium. Le Havres are exceeded at each of the Parisian accelerations. If Neymar and Icardi distinguished themselves with a double each, it is Mbappé, also a striker, who impressed by his activity.

So what to expect from the second period? Tuchel is likely to turn but not sure that this is enough to balance the meeting …

44 ‘. Neymar transforms and it’s 5-0! Gorgelin dives on the right side but the shot at ground level and without momentum of the Brazilian is perfectly placed and dosed.

43 ‘. Mbappé gets a penalty from an overflow on the right side. The defender from Le Havre is speeded up and unbalances the Frenchman.

37 ‘. Neymar’s bar. Kehrer finds the number 10 in Paris of a superb center on the ground. The Brazilian’s 16 meter strike hits the square of the cage. Like this sequence, PSG feasts on rapid transition phases with one or two touches of the ball.

29 ‘. 4-0, Mbappé with le see! The Frenchman goes there of his goal by taking advantage of a huge defensive disagreement at the entrance of the surface. His cross strike at mid-height is unstoppable. It is an understatement to say that Le Havre doorman Gorgelin is little helped by his defense tonight.

24 ‘. Le Havre has already folded but does not give up … Like this strike from afar from the Roman Basque milieu, the Norman team continues to try its luck, despite its defensive shortcomings against the Paris armada.

21 ‘. 3-0 on a Neymar festival !!! Found in depth, Neymar mystifies the Le Havre defense, including the goalkeeper, of a body feint in the middle of the race.

18 ‘. PSG DOUBLE THE BRAND. Sumptuous action by the Neymar-Di Maria-Icardi trio. The Argentinian concludes a wonder of the outside center of Di Maria’s foot. Neymar is behind this goal of a perfect game change.

14 ‘. Mbappé has legs. Good news for PSG, Bondy’s crack multiplies the overflows at the start of the game. He is by far the most dangerous of the “fantastic four” in this first quarter of an hour.

9 ‘. Kimpembe’s blunder. The French international loses control of the ball in the area. Fortunately, nobody takes advantage of it on the Norman side. The striker striker Mahmoud offsets the post.

8 ‘. ICARDI FOR THE 1-0! Kehrer is found on his right wing thanks to a service from Di Maria. The German offers a perfect pass for Icardi. The Parisians have a great start to the match!

7 ‘. The duo Mbappé-Neymar already in good shape. The French striker eliminates his vis-à-vis on the left wing of a magnificent dribble. Its center on the left is perfect. But Neymar’s crossed head flees the frame.

3 ‘. Ander Herrera shines from the start! The Spanish midfielder attempts a daring volley at the entrance to the surface after a counter. The balloon starts well but ends just above the cages.

0 ‘. DEBUT YOU MATCHThe HAC evolves in gray, the PSG in black.

7:00 p.m. Marquinhos unsurprisingly wears the captain’s armband.

18h55. La surprise Bakker. The young Dutchman Mitchel Bakker occupies the left side of the defense, in the absence of Juan Bernat and Layvin Kurzawa, spared.

6:50 p.m. “Stay together without great injury”. Thomas Tuchel faces a sacred dilemma in July. Sharpen his team in record time, but without losing elements before the cup finals and the Champions League. To understand everything about the stakes of this match, read this article.

6.45 p.m. Which sanitary system in Le Havre? In the stands or on the edge of the lawn, everyone must comply with the health specifications. For the public, in principle, it is compulsory to wear a mask up to its seat, in addition to social distancing and the direction of movement in the stadium to be respected.

REUTERS / Benoit Tessier
REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

Behind the scenes, at the request of Parisian leaders, people who will rub shoulders with the same areas as the players will have to pass two Covid-19 screening tests, by swab and blood test.

6:40 p.m. More than 5000 people for the resumption of Ligue 1? Asked about beIN Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports, does not rule out increasing the gauge in the Ligue 1 stadiums in mid-August “if the situation allows it”.

6:20 p.m. The offensive aligned attacking quartet. The four strengths of PSG (Mbappé-Neymar-Di Maria-Icardi) will start the meeting.

The composition : Navas – Kehrer, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Bakker- Di Maria, Herrera, Paredes, Neymar – Icardi, Mbappé.

6.15 p.m. “Now it’s for real!” “ Just over an hour before kick-off, Kylian Mbappé sent a message to his fans on Twitter for his return to the lawns.

6.10 p.m. A gala match but not only. If the meeting does not promise to be very committed, the PSG must however get up.

After four months of stoppage, the men of Tuchel have three small friendly matches to get up to speed before the finals of the League Cup (July 24) and the French Cup (July 31) … They will then fly away for the big challenge of the summer: the “Final 8” of the Champions League in Lisbon (August 12 to 23).

6:00 p.m. Good morning all ! This July 12, 2020 is a special day for French football. A meeting with an elite club will finally be disputed in front of spectators. It is a first for four months among the five “Big 5” countries (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France).


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