Le Matin – Governance: AfDB completes the CAFRAD transformation project in Tangier

It is done. The project to support the transformation of the African Center for Administrative Training and Research for Development (CAFRAD), implemented between March 2017 and September 2020, has ended. According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), this operation made it possible to strengthen the institutional capacities of the Center based in Tangier, and to make it a “benchmark regional cooperation” tool. The project was funded to the tune of $ 670,000 by the AfDB through its Technical Assistance Fund for Middle Income Countries. “It has notably contributed to the transformation of CAFRAD by improving its technical assistance capacities and the quality of its training programs”, underlines the Bank’s completion report. Through the “strategic” deliverables, the project supported CAFRAD in its desire to transform itself into a “major” institution for the promotion and implementation of responsible public governance, a tool for cooperation, a pole of skills, a training institute, a resource center and a facilitator of collaborative networks at the service of its members. Created in 1964 as the first institution dedicated to improving public administration on the African continent, CAFRAD was designed to support the establishment of African public administrations after independence, then to reform and modernize them. . The Center is the first pan-African intergovernmental institution, comprising 36 African member states, in the field of public administration and governance.


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