Le Matin – Support for Covid cases: The ministry will create monitoring and control committees for private clinics

Following a meeting of the Minister of Health, Khalid Aït Taleb, with the President of the Order of Physicians, the Director General of ANAM, the Inspector General of the Ministry and the Director of the Regulation and Litigation Directorate , it was decided to create a central commission, and other regional ones, to monitor and control the care of Covid-19 patients in private clinics. This meeting follows multiple complaints concerning the application of disproportionate rates for the care of covid cases in certain private clinics.

At this meeting, Mr. Ait Taleb insisted on strict adherence to the protocol and benchmark tariffs, asserting that violations should be dealt with firmly, while working at the same time, and within the framework of regulation. in force, to find solutions to overcome some of the constraints faced by private clinics, relating in particular to the costs involved in taking care of patients with Covid-19.

Several decisions emanated from this meeting, notably the creation of a central commission in charge of monitoring and controlling the care of patients in private clinics. This commission will also have to reflect and propose procedures capable of fighting against the violations identified, and this in compliance with the regulations in force. The said commission will be made up of a representative of the general inspectorate of the ministry, the ANAM and the order of physicians. In addition to this central commission, other commissions will be created at the regional level, made up of regional inspectors affiliated to the Ministry of Health, representatives of the regional councils of the medical association in coordination with the ANAM. Their role will also be to monitor and control the private clinics and to deploy the procedures taken in this regard. It was also a question of calling on citizens, victims of these tariff abuses, to provide themselves with the documents and evidence necessary to assert their rights.


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