Léa Castel: Her return with Amour à la haine, Soprano, Popstars, her collab with Jenifer … She confides (EXCLUDED)

Léa Castel is back and she took the time to answer all of our questions!

Léa Castel is back! After the success of his title “Because of you” for the film Pattaya, she returned a few years later with “Love to hate”, a strong title that will inevitably stay in your head. On the occasion of this release, she took the time to answer all our questions, tell us about her album, her career and her desires … An interview in her image: Authentic and straightforward. Otherwise, in the rest of the music news, we take stock of the top albums and singles of the week with Zkr in mind, Jul and SCH still present and Eva who confirms … And something tells us that Lea Castel could very quickly upset this classification!

melty: Hello Lea! Tell us the story of the clip for “Amour à la haine” which marks your comeback …

Léa Castel, singer: For me, a clip is the ultimate test! I am quite reserved, I like to hide behind my piano. So shoot a clip … (laughs) But everything went very well. We worked with director Alexandre Moors and it was really a dream to work with him … (Editor’s note: He also worked with Miley Cyrus, Kendrick Lamar or Juice WRLD) The luck that I had is that he really liked the music. Everything went really well, despite the weather … We were very cold! (laughs)

melty: Who are you surrounded by for this title?

Lea Castel: I wrote and composed the title. To be in detail, I met a composer called Guillaume Le Hennaff. I contacted him on Facebook 4 years ago after hearing his work for Repetto advertising. I hear the intruder in front of my TV and really, that made me crazy! With guts, I told him that I loved what he had done and that I would like to rework it for a title. He accepted immediately! For me “Love to hate”, it’s really a beautiful presentation of what will be in the album: The urban side, a great place for melody and voice …

melty: How do you feel for this return?

Lea Castel: I am in total anguish! It’s really teamwork and I have this desire to do well. When my first album came out, I was very young, I was caught in a whirlwind. Today, between these two projects, I worked for other artists, I did a lot of things … When you compose for artists, you try to put yourself in their shoes. There, with this album, I really wanted to be able to understand everything, watch everything, do everything …

melty: Can you tell us about the collabs that you will have on this album? You teased a song with Jenifer a few days ago!

Lea Castel: It seems… (laughs) Jenifer, I have been following her since her beginnings … Well, like everyone else! For me it is a monument. One day, I composed a song that immediately made me think of her. I contacted her to listen to it and when she listened to it she was shocked! Finally, we worked on the title together and we did a nice collaboration … Otherwise, there will be two other feat on the album but for now I prefer to keep the surprise!

melty: What is your view on your career?

Lea Castel: Ultimately, it reflects who I am! (laughs) In my life, I have never done anything “to do”. I always wait for the right moment to be ready to take responsibility for what I have to say. It’s important for me to be in tune with who I am and what I want to give. Before coming back with “Love to hate”, I could have released an album. I had the duet with Slimane on “Damaged” which had worked well, I had made the title for the film Pattaya “Because of you”, “Amazone”… But I didn’t feel ready, I can’t explain it! I didn’t want to regret a song, a clip … The luck I had is that I was able to take the necessary time to be ready, thanks to everything I was doing alongside: Composing , to do artistic direction for other artists …

melty: You have been successful thanks to the Popstars show. Was it a great experience for you?

Lea Castel: Today everyone knows it, but Benjamin Chulvanij (Editor’s note: Who was on the jury of the show) had called Soprano and offered to put me in this program. I had already signed with Universal, I had just turned 17 and said yes. But all the people who have been in my season or who have worked on Popstars will be able to say that I was the least comfortable girl … Even the production had come to see me saying: “Lea, you have to give a little more!” Afterwards, everything went very quickly: I went to Paris, I recorded my album … It was a real whirlwind! Looking back, I think it’s part of the experiences in my life that make me who I am today.

melty: So you release your first album Pressée de vivre and the featuring with Soprano “Last Chance” is a hit. Would you like to work with him again?

Lea Castel: With Soprano, I had a very strong story, we shared a lot of things but it’s true that our paths have separated. It is part of my story! I remember that I knew him at the time of Psy 4, I was there when he signed with Hostile, the Diam’s label or when he appeared on NRJ for the first time! And I can tell you that at the time, it was very rare for a rapper to be broadcast on this radio. We both carried each other in a certain way!

melty: Do you have a little word for the readers of melty?

Lea Castel: I hope they will like “Love to hate” and that they will understand this desire to do things slowly but surely … If they want to send me a little message on Instagram, don’t hesitate, I’ll read everything! Big kisses and see you soon.

Credits: melty

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