Lead by example like Elvis Presley did?

For once, the defense council is not preceded by cleverly orchestrated leaks. If not when the Minister of Health does not rule out new confinement. In other words, everything you can imagine is possible. In particular the requests formulated by mayors of the Grand Est in favor of a new turn of the screw, geographically targeted or general. We will probably be told of stricter measures than the current curfew which, obviously, is not enough to stem this Covid-19 epidemic.

Today we will no doubt also be talking about the start of the vaccination campaign. Sunday, it is symbolically that a few doses of vaccine were administered. The French – in any case the 50% who plan to be vaccinated – would like to see the multiplication started. Let us hope for that that the logistics follow. Everyone knows that you can’t win a war without good logistics.

In addition to the question of a third containment, it is therefore that of large-scale vaccines that arises. And besides, in a country which already has more than 67,000 deaths as a result of this Covid, one may wonder what leads so many French people to show such reluctance. Especially since, to date, there is no scientific evidence attesting to any danger in receiving a dose.

Perhaps our leaders should also set an example to mobilize the crowds. Joe Biden did it in the United States. In 1956, Elvis Presley was vaccinated against polio. A strong image of the King – obviously relayed by the media – which was to lead a large number of young people to take the plunge. The result had been spectacular. For the moment, on the side of our councilors, it is rather dead calm …

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