Sport Leaders Cup: "Don't worry about Asvel", promises Charles Kahudi

Leaders Cup: “Don’t worry about Asvel”, promises Charles Kahudi


Agitated behind the scenes and slowed down by disappointing results, the Asvel shows up this weekend at Disneyland Paris weakened. The club of Tony Parker, who remains on two defeats in Jeep Elite, is no longer the scarecrow of the start of the season which swept everything in its path.The departure of Edwin Jackson, exfiltrated in Spain after harsh remarks on management group, left traces. Captain Charles Kahudi is not worried, however, before his Leaders Cup quarter-final against Strasbourg on Friday.

You haven’t played for a long time due to an injured ankle. How are you already?

CHARLES KAHUDI. It’s okay, everything’s fine. It took me a little month to take care of my ankle, to rest in order to better approach the end of the season. I’m going to start over to help the guys on the team the best.

How is Asvel approaching this Leaders Cup?

We are focused and we want to win the first match against Strasbourg. Our horizon for the moment does not go further.

Asvel is going through a difficult period: is playing three games possibly in three days in the event of a final, the right time?

We don’t ask ourselves that kind of question: we’re here to win games. It’s true, we have many, many games this season. I don’t know how far we’ve come from the start, but it’s huge. But that, we knew it and we do with it.

How was your group affected by Jackson’s departure?

It’s part of professional basketball. We are here to play and the rest we do not manage.

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He was a pillar in the construction of the club…

This situation is not obvious to anyone but, as I said, we are there to do a job and the rest is beyond us.

How do you explain your poor results at the moment?

A basketball season is never linear. In normal times, this is already the case, but in addition with all our matches, this impression is reinforced. You know finally, the season of Jeep Elite is played mainly in April, May and June at the time of the playoffs. You have to arrive as fresh as possible and in a good dynamic at that time.

With your calendar, are you not afraid to approach this “money time” of the season without breath?

Everyone has their job to do so that it does not happen. The most important thing is to have a good dynamic. After, the energy when you reach a final phase, you find it (smile).

Should we worry about Asvel?

No. We are in a bad cycle, it’s a little bit of fatigue. I’m not worried. Everyone is focused. Basketball is also that: knowing how to go through more difficult periods to better appreciate others.


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