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Peruvian soccer is bleeding to death and neither side seems to give in. On the one hand, the Peruvian Football Federation maintains its position without caring that its product is shameful. On the other, the seven clubs (Alliance, Melgar, Cienciano, Cusco FC, Binacional, Municipal and Boys)which could be five if the last two give in and play their games, who are not interested in keeping their fans uncertain.

This Monday, Sport Boys would play their match against Unión Comercio, despite the fact that he signed the public letter together with the other opposition clubs. The rosé squad is focused, the coach Guillermo Sanguinetti He already has the eleven defined, but the cell phone of the administrator Alfredo Mitoyashi does not stop ringing. On the other side of the line are the voices that ask you to resist and not abandon ship.

For its part, in Municipal there is an internal struggle. samuel astudillo, president of the club, demands that the team play this Tuesday against Mannucci; however, recently Edile Stripadministrator of the institution, discredited any pronouncement by Astudillo, informing that he has nothing to do with the decisions that are made.

And to all this, it seems that Gol Peru will continue to be prevented from broadcasting the matches of Boys y Municipaldespite the fact that on paper they have a contract until 2025. The reason? the same as with University: Both clubs renewed beyond 2025, so the Consortium feels that it is not empowered to broadcast the matches because they would be violating the precautionary measure in favor of the FPF.

The mess, with many technical words and in which lawyers are the main figures, has generated uncertainty. as he could know Trade, the international company “1190 Sports” has shown its concern to the federation for what may happen to the teams. In fact, they would have told Agustín Lozano himself, president of the FPF, that without Alianza Lima they would not be interested in continuing the link that unites them for TV rights, knowing that Universitythe other most popular club in the country, will continue with the Consortium.

The blue and white team suffered its first ‘walk over’ in its history. Before he was on the same stage, but on the other side: three times against the U, one against Cienciano, another against Estudiantes Grau and one more against Circolo Sportivo; according to the page a site specialized in Alliance history.

Intimates could be automatically demoted if they don’t show up before Sport Boys on date 4. This is stipulated in the bases of the championship. An unimaginable figure that the Federation hopes will not happen. And therefore they would have requested a meeting with the opposing clubs; however, alliance it will not be. Because? We’ll tell you then:

MIRA: Economic losses, TV rights and Licenses: the issues to be resolved

A meeting without Alliance?

“We are going to have a meeting with the federation and we hope to reach an agreement”advertisement Sergio Ludena, administrator of Cienciano days ago. Said meeting would be held on Tuesday afternoon in order to find a way out, although Videna told us that the FPF has no intention of giving up. That is, either the clubs align or everything remains the same.

However, this Monday morning it was learned that the aforementioned clubs seek to meet with the President of the Council of Ministers Alberto Otárola to make their position known to the government authorities. Remember that last week it was Agustín Lozano who went to the Palacio to advocate for the start of League 1.

The striking thing is that Lima Alliance He does not plan to participate in the assembly. “When we asked the federation what it would be about, they told us that it was to vote on all legal issues and the truth is that we, in legal issues with the FPF, don’t have much more to talk about,” They told us from Matute.

In a statement published very late yesterday, they broadly explain their reasons why they decided not to compete in the tournament. The main one, the penalty of 70 million dollars that they would have to pay to the Consortium if they do not enforce the preference clause.

The intimate club believes these days are key to resolving the situation, but they will not give up their arms either to benefit the federation. “We are tired of how they do things there”they added.

It is difficult to visualize an encouraging picture if the meeting is carried out without alliance Lima, the two-time national champion. The main concern is that these days Peruvian soccer receives good news and no more punctures to continue bleeding. In the end, the one who loses the most is the fan.

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