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The “League of Legends” World Series 2021 is in full swing. In the group match held on the evening of yesterday (16), the established team T1 won 3 wins in the second round and advanced to the top eight in the group, while EDG was in the group match. At the last moment, they lost to 100T and advanced to the second record in the group.

Looking back at Group B events, EDG and T1 both showed dominance. They won three consecutive victories in two rounds. The two teams also won each match. The strength can be said to be among the best.

Photo Credit:Riot Games
Photo Credit:Riot Games

And this year’s LJL representative DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) entered the group stage from the finals for the first time, bringing hope to the Japanese division.

Although DFM was eliminated from the group stage with a score of 0-6 in the end, this time DFM showed the progress of the competition in the content of the game. The second round of the 100T game was once a victory, but unfortunately, he chose to steal the home and failed. After confirming that they missed the promotion, they also seized the opportunity to come up with a version of the lineup in the match against T1 to strengthen themselves.

On the other hand, 100 Thieves (100T), the first seed of the LCS, won twice against DFM and succeeded in the final match of the second round, “Water Ghost”. When facing EDG, he mastered the rhythm of the game. Victory does not give EDG a chance to compete with T1 for the first place in the group.

Photo Credit:Riot Games
Photo Credit:Riot Games

The second round of the group match will continue tonight. Group C currently has RNG (3W0L) and PSG (2W1L) temporarily occupying the top two in the group. The two teams, HLE and Fnatic will compete for the two top eight tickets of Group C.

First image source: Riot Games

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