League of Legends Hangzhou Asian Games Warm-up Matches: South Korea Dominates Vietnam and China

2023-09-13 08:08:21

The “League of Legends” Hangzhou Asian Games is about to start on September 25. In order to allow the representative team to adapt to the version and adjust the feel, the Korean E-sports Association KeSPA invited the Vietnamese team and the Chinese team to warm up on 9/11 and 9/12. In the end, the South Korean team lived up to the support of the local audience and won all four rounds in the two games, giving a show of strength to its biggest enemy, the Chinese team.

Before starting the warm-up match report of the Korean team, the author would like to take readers to review the powerful heroes in the 13.12 version. After all, there are five versions different from the current version of 13.17, but in fact, there is no need to worry too much, because the difference is not too much.

The 13.12 version is simply the “Electric Knife Version”. LeBron in the middle and Kesha in the bottom lane benefited from this. They are all-powerful in this version, and the invisibility effect of Nicole’s ultimate has not been cut off. It can be said that she is the strongest in history. version.

In addition, there are others such as the top lane dominator Renekton, the powerful early midfield combination of Maokai and Jesse, the late stage guarantee of Aqir, the lane right expert Tristana, the wild assistant who can misplace Ruier… and so on. Strong heroes, based on the above, make the red side considered to have a huge disadvantage in BP.

Back to the warm-up match, the South Korean team played against the Vietnamese team on 9/11. Chovy took the lead in the middle. In both games, Vietnam used its “mad dog characteristics” in casting, but this did not seem to work well in front of the Korean team.

In the first game, with a huge disparity of 7:30, the Korean team took the lead; in the second game, the Korean team even took only 17:38 to win, easily defeating the Vietnamese representative team, which was dominated by the Vietnam League VCS champion team GAM.

But after all, it was just a warm-up match. After the game, the Vietnamese team happily gave gifts to the Korean team and took photos with them.

Picture taken from KeSPA

The next day, 9/12, it was the Chinese team’s turn to play against the South Korean team. As usual before the game, the Chinese Olympic anthem was played in the venue.

In this game, the Korean team sent Faker in the middle. In the first game, the Chinese team killed Faker under Karsa’s gank and got the first kill. However, after that, the three lines of the Chinese team were suppressed, and Karsa died consecutively. Twice, at 10 minutes into the game, the team’s economy was already more than 3,000 behind.

Although FoFo scored three kills with his outstanding performance, the Korean team immediately relied on Ruler to single-kill Doggo under the tower to regain the victory. In the end, the Chinese team was gobbled up and defeated at 25 minutes.

In the second game, the Chinese team attacked frequently and was significantly ahead of the Korean team in kills until the end. However, it did not convert this into economics. The Korean team always found opportunities to exchange resources, leaving the Chinese team behind most of the time.

However, starting from the mid-term, the Chinese team tried to launch multiple attacks. The most critical wave was the Barong team battle in the 27th minute. If Kanavi hadn’t stolen the Barong, the Chinese team would have ended the game in one wave.

Afterwards, the Chinese team regrouped and returned to the midline. Karsa flashed on the side and wanted to catch Ruler. Unexpectedly, his teammates were not in a good position to keep up. Doggo couldn’t kill Ruler even if he used a large amount of hard damage. Then Doggo, who had lost his life-saving skills, counterattacked. He was killed by the Korean team’s fire, and the subsequent members of the Chinese team were also killed. The Korean team advanced and won the victory.

After the game, the Chinese team was interviewed. The players all mentioned that the experience of this invitational tournament before the Asian Games was very special. They thanked South Korea for the invitation. SwordArt also praised Faker and Ruler, “Maintaining world-class standards every year”, and Coach Zhan Ma mentioned that “every team prepared very hard.” Although they lost today, he hoped that the Chinese team could learn from the failure and do better.

Each team will then enter the preparation period. There will not be any public warm-up matches until the start of the game on September 25. The Asian Games “League of Legends” project will be held from 9/25 to 9/29. At that time, we hope that the people of the country will abide by the rules. In front of the TV, cheer for the Chinese team together.

South Korea vs Vietnam

South Korea vs China

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