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The quarter-finals of the “League of Legends” World Series were staged in the LPL competition yesterday (23). The first seed EDG of the LPL faced the third seed RNG. The two teams competed in the fifth round before the EDG grabbed the key round and represented the LPL forward. Final Four!

Both veteran teams were absent from the World Championship last year. After regaining morale this year, they went to the World Championship and finally met in the quarterfinals. In this game, RNG won the first game first, and in the second game, RNG came up with an unexpected casting Annie, but after the previous wave of on-road battles were beaten 0 to 4 by EDG, RNG was difficult to recover, and EDG tied the score.

The aggressive EDG then stole Barong twice in the third game, finally reversing the early disadvantages, and also took the lead in the series to grab the draw points;

Photo Credit: RNG
Photo Credit: Riot Games

Coming to the crucial fourth game, RNG picked Annie again and remembered the lesson from last time. This time, the RNG jungler helped Annie build an advantage in the early stage, and then started to seize map resources by using the middle and wild links. Victory in four rounds pushed the game to the fifth round.

At the end of the game, neither side dared to be careless. EDG chose Ban to drop Annie, who RNG played twice in this series, and took out a strong version of the kitty to play in the middle and Ueno. Same as the second game, it played a wave in EDG. After the perfect team battle, the foundation for victory was laid. In the end, 28 minutes of game time, EDG received the victory steadily and advanced to the semi-finals.

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EDG’s best performance in the World Championship in the past was the quarter-finals. This time, it has broken the team history record in the semi-finals. After the game, Jiejie was interviewed and admitted that he looked forward to the possibility of entering the finals.

Tonight (24) the quarter-finals match will be the first seed battle between LCK and LEC. DK will play against MAD. The match will start at 8pm Taiwan time.

First image source: Riot Games

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