“League of Legends” World Series EDG advances to the top four, RNG stops in the top eight, DK will face MAD “League of Legends” on Sunday night

  《League of Legends》The 2021 World Series held the quarter-finals on Saturday night. The second day of the knockout round was staged in the China LPL division. RNG played against EDG. As a result, the two sides played five games and EDG went to RNG with a 3:2 spirit. EDG successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

  • EDG advances to the semi-finals (photo source: Riot Games)

In the first 8 minutes of the first game, the two sides fought on the river. EDG scored the first kill, but RNG Xiaohu then returned to one to one with the color and the head count. RNG actively controlled the dragon, the first tower, etc., and maintained the lead in the economy. EDG stayed in the 16 minutes. Ming was taken away, but RNG entered the field to counterattack, RNG took three heads and then took the dragon. RNG continued to master the rhythm. In 29 minutes, EDG and RNG broke out in a team battle in front of the ancient dragon. RNG exploded and killed four people in a row, went straight to the high ground to push down the opponent’s main castle, and took the lead in winning the first point.

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In the second round, RNG selected the rare Anne in the middle of the game. In 5 minutes, the two teams broke out in the bottom lane. RNG took the lead to win the first kill but then Jiejie rushed to the double kill. In 8 minutes, when the two sides competed for the predictor, EDG played zero for four and established The economy is in the lead, but RNG actively tries to counterattack. In 13 minutes, RNG launched a counterattack and won two heads on the road. In 18 minutes, Crystal Anne forced Viper Izreal. RNG played one for two. In 22 minutes, EDG ate Barong without any loss. And took RNG Wei. At this time, EDG was leading the economy by 7,000. In 26 minutes, EDG went straight to the high ground to encircle RNG. Xiaohu tried to fight two, but was unable to prevent Flandre from collaborating with Meiko. RNG was ACE and EDG scored 10%.

In the third game, RNG continued to catch Flandre in the early stage. The three of RNG caught Flandre on the road in 3 minutes and got the first kill. In 5 minutes, they succeeded in catching Flandre again, but 12 minutes EDG took revenge on the road and played one for two. EDG took the first tower first, and then won two heads in the river battle in 15 minutes. At this time, EDG had an economic lead of about 2,000. RNG drove Barong in 30 minutes, but was stolen by EDG Olaf. The two sides played three for three. In 36 minutes, EDG Olaf successfully stole Barong again, and killed three opponents, and directly attacked the RNG master. Fort. EDG took the lead to get the second point of the draw.

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In the fourth round, RNG again selected Annie in the middle. In 4 minutes, the RNG Bottom Duo launched an offensive and won the first kill, but EDG quickly supported the counter-kill of two opponents.12 minutesThe two sides broke out on the bottom road. RNG set fire for one for five. RNG maintained the leading economy. After 25 minutes, RNG launched an offensive near the river and killed two members of EDG. After turning around and eating Barong without damage, RNG entrained Barong Buff on the high ground. After a zero-for-four, the opponent’s main castle was removed and the score was tied to two to two.

In the fifth round, the two sides fought on the bottom lane in 2 minutes. EDG Meiko took the lead in the first kill, but RNG backhanded two heads. In 15 minutes, EDG besieged in the bottom lane. Xiaohu tried to turn the tide but was unable to make it back. Already 10:3, the economy led by four thousand, EDG continued to launch an offensive against the bottom lane, desperately rolling snowballs, 28 minutes EDG broke the opponent’s main castle, RNG with 3:2 gas, EDG won the victory and advanced to the semi-finals.

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EDG jungler Jiejie said in a post-match interview when he was asked about the key to winning the match, he said that it should be “faith” and all five wanted to win. Playing against RNG will often play five rounds, so there is an expectation that it will be full, anyway, I am very passionate.

When asked why the two teams are playing so aggressively today, he said that they and RNG may both be good at catching opposing opportunities. Both sides will give opportunities and look for opportunities, so it will become like this.

In the third game, Jiejie Olaf grabbed Barong twice in a row. He said that he felt very lucky to grab Barong, which helped the team a lot, and the team felt at ease. Regarding RNG’s mid-range Annie, he said that Annie should be a mid-range black technology, with a strong jungler and a strong burst, which is a good choice.

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Jiejie said that they are good at defending the bottom lane and feel that the team has a clearer understanding of the version at present, and they look forward to the next game. Now it is a big wish to break through the quarterfinals. Now that the wish has been achieved, I hope to win the championship next.

  《League of Legends》The quarter-finals of the 2021 World Series at 8 pm on the 24th, last year’s world champion team DK will play against MAD in the European LEC Division.


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