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The Swiss team were unable to face Ukraine on Tuesday in Lucerne, after the latter was placed in quarantine. The match will not be played, but there is a place in the Elite League of Nations to be awarded. The Nati therefore ended the year without a victory.

Switzerland was ready to face Ukraine on Tuesday or even Wednesday. “We are disappointed, reacted the director of national teams Pierluigi Tami. We wanted to play, but we understand the decision. We were in a good dynamic. We would have preferred it to be played on the pitch. “

It now depends on UEFA. “There are a lot of uncertainties, observe Tami. It is almost certain that the match will not be able to replay later, because the international dates are already all taken. So the decision is going to fall on the green carpet and we don’t have much influence. “

Switzerland respected the protocol

The case of the draw would not suit Ticino. “Personally, without committing the ASF, I would not be of the opinion that such a decision should be accepted if it were to arise”, he considers.

For Tami, the ASF, for its part, was exemplary: “There is a fairly clear UEFA return-to-play protocol and I know what Switzerland has done to respect it. What we had to do, we did it well: when we put this protocol in place , he works.”

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