Leak announces the return of a very popular Cold War game mode

While players can already let off steam on the beta of Black Ops Cold War, a leaker revealed the very likely arrival of League mode expected by many players.

For many people, playing Call of Duty is first and foremost a vent and a great way to pass time, alone or with friends. However, some players also seek competition, with more restricted game modes, strict rules and a well-defined ladder system.

For many of these players, the absence of League Mode in the latest Call of Duty installments has meant a long wait. Indeed, the last game in the series to have implemented such a game mode is Black Ops 2, which was released in 2012, although other competitive modes have since been used.


For many players, Black Ops 2’s League mode is the best ranked experience in a Call of Duty

For Black Ops Cold War, it seems that Treyarch made the wise choice to bring back “League Play” to the delight of many competitors. If this information is not confirmed by the studio, it comes from a very famous leaker in the person of TheMW2Ghost.

The latter would indeed have discovered in the game files the mention of an upcoming challenge which would serve to announce the return of League mode.

There is a Challenge in Black Ops Cold War which is dedicated to League mode

This flight should still be viewed with a minimum of suspicion. Not only has no official announcement been made on the subject, and we must also keep in mind that it has already happened that a ranked mode announced for a Call of Duty game ultimately never sees the light of day.

Regardless, we can expect to see competitive content landing in Cold War, since Tryarch’s Lead Designer David Vonderhaar himself implied a few days ago that all Black Ops opuses have a ranked mode.… including Cold War.

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