Leaked Information on iPhone 15 Series: Is it Worth the Upgrade?

2023-05-30 09:43:00

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Design leaked information of the iPhone 15 series. In the 14 series, you can see that the dynamic island, which was applied only to the pro lineup, is also applied to the general model. source = twitter

A tipster (information leaker) who is considered an ‘insider’ of Apple (NASDAQ:) is becoming a hot topic in the global IT industry when he remarked that he was “disappointed” with Apple’s next-generation smartphone ‘iPhone 15 series’.

“A general model, there will be little difference from the previous work”

Through the top model ‘Pro’ lineup, the iPhone 14 series showed innovation of new concepts in various aspects. However, the tipster opined that the upcoming 15 series has little difference from its predecessor.

A tipster using the Twitter account ‘Unknownz21’ reveals his opinion on the iPhone 15 series on his SNS on May 12th.

He said “The entire 15 lineup is worth skipping – base models especially. Not because of any defects, it’s too mediocre of an upgrade (the iPhone 15 lineup is worth skipping, especially on the entry-level models. This isn’t because of any flaws in the product, it’s because the upgrade is too mediocre),” he said. “I wish I could elaborate, but I can’t… (I would like to explain in more detail, but I can’t…” he posted.

Tipster Unknownz21 talking about the iPhone 15 series. source = twitter

Here, he added in another post, “It may be better to wait for the iPhone 16 series, which will show a definite change compared to the 14 series.”

Unknownz21 is a tipster leaking various information before the release of Apple’s new product. His information leaks on several products recently released by Apple showed accuracy that closely matched the actual products, and he became a famous tipster.

IT enthusiasts who saw this expressed various opinions. Some say, “Apple is like that. Nevertheless, new iPhones always satisfy more than a certain level, and in the end, many people will choose the new product,” he defended Apple. On the other hand, others pointed out that “the iPhone’s innovation is too slow compared to competitors introducing foldable phones that have evolved over several generations.”

Some have interpreted Unknownz21’s subtle nuance that ‘defects in the product itself’ are not the problem from a conspiracy theory point of view, suggesting that Apple is intentionally leaking information as part of ‘noise marketing’.

Attention is drawn to the flood of leaked information

Leaked information related to the iPhone 15 series, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year, is being poured out almost every day by numerous tipsters and professional media led by ‘MacRumors’ in addition to Unknownz21. Since the iPhone has a strong fandom around the world, a lot of attention is being focused on each piece of information.

The iPhone 15 series will introduce a USB-C type charging port for the first time. Photo = MacRumors

These information have two things in common. In the iPhone 14 series, it is the introduction of the general product of ‘Dynamic Island’, which was limited to the high-end lineup of ‘Pro’, and the introduction of the USB-C type charging port that iPhone fandoms around the world have been waiting for a long time. The iPhone fandom is waiting for the leak of more detailed information as well as the exact product release date, saying, “The two changes alone are enough reasons to buy a new iPhone.”

With the launch of new foldable phones by various brands, competition in the smartphone market is intensifying again. In particular, in the case of Samsung Electronics, it announced the implementation of innovative design changes with the ‘5th generation’ foldable phone that will be released soon, and expressed its will to actively confront Apple’s next-generation products with latecomers to the foldable phone.

In the midst of this, leaked information with a negative view on Apple’s next-generation iPhone is creating an advantageous situation for competing companies in terms of marketing. However, experts say that Apple, which has faced a similar situation over the past decade since the introduction of the first iPhone model, will respond with ‘no bending’ consistency in its direction this time around.

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