Leaks … Apple puts its next phone in a strange name – I know what it is

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There appeared during the last period many leaks about the expected iPhone phones from Apple, which the company is expected to offer in the near future, and is characterized by its “cheap” price, while the device was expected to bear the name of SE or iPhone 9, but blogger John Prosser revealed via His YouTube channel, with a potentially correct surprise, is that the new-style phone will only bear the name “iPhone”, stripped of any other details.

Prosser said that the source of the information is an employee working in Apple, without revealing his name, as Prosser is considered one of the famous world of technical leaks, and his channel has the follow-up of hundreds of thousands, and some consider him a reliable source of leaks that prove its authenticity later, while specialized technical sites have leaked in Earlier this month, Apple intended to launch a low-cost iPhone, at $ 399.

He suggested the “Fast Company” site that announced this news that the new phone will be launched next March, and Apple is seeking, according to some analysts, to compete in the Indian market where the price of an Android phone is less than 200 dollars, and perhaps China, where the company is facing Also his strong rival.

But Apple may have a bigger goal, the global market, where there are a large number of phone shoppers who prefer iPhones but do not bear the cost of buying them, so producing a low-cost phone with the right components and benefits will be “tempting” for these.

And the report of the website specialized in technology and innovation predicts that it will provide the phone with a 4.9-inch screen and the fingerprint recognition feature, but it will not have the feature of facial recognition, due to the high cost of producing a laser chip, and the Mac Romers website said that the phone will support the A13 processor used in my iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, 3 GB RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage, and the colors will be gray, silver and red.



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