Leaks: Windows 11 introduces advanced settings for multiple monitors

The specialized technical website “GSM Arena” published that global press reports revealed that the “Windows 11” system will provide advanced settings for multiple screens.
According to the site, although this technology has been around for a while in “Windows 10”, “Microsoft” offers updates and advanced settings to support the work of multiple screens.
In this context, “Windows 11” enables its users to use more than one screen during the year 2021, after the increasing demand on this matter from Microsoft users in the Feedback and Complaints Center.
And the “Windows 11” operating system – according to the leaks – allows users to remember the location of each window based on the screen connection; This means that if a Windows 11 user leaves a group of windows open on both screens, as soon as the screen is reconnected or the computer is woken up, the user will be reminded of the need to solve the problem of moving different windows or random tabs or stacking all applications in one screen only. Once you disconnect one of the special screens, instead of moving the program to the connected screen, the operating system will minimize the application to the bottom of the new screen.


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