Leandro Bolmaro was chosen by the New York Knicks and transferred to Minnesota

Leandro Bolmaro was chosen by the New York Knicks in 23rd place in the NBA draft and transferred to Minnesota (where Pablo Prigioni from Cordoba is as technical assistant), thus becoming the ninth Argentine player to be selected and the second -after Carlos Delfino- in the first round.

Pablo Prigioni will follow Bolmaro closely.

The funny thing about the news for Bolmaro was that he spoke briefly on TV in the Knicks cap, even though he had already been traded to the Timberwolves.

“It’s a dream for me. I want to enjoy this moment,” said the Cordoba.

With more time, he changed his cap.

The Cordovan waited for the election in a hotel located meters from Camp Nou and was accompanied by his girlfriend Laia and a staff of the agency that represents him.

The forward, a native of Las Varillas (Córdoba), currently plays in Barcelona and has strengthened since his arrival at Bahía Basket, where he played 25 National League games in the 2017-18 season.

With the Development League in Bahía Basket.

From there he jumped to Europe, where he played for the Barcelona B team (in the LEB Oro, the second category), and then move on to the first team.

In the set, Bolmaro had Pepe Sánchez very present.

As part of the first Virtual Draft, 30 of the top prospects received an exclusive “NBA Draft Gifting Locker,” featuring a variety of NBA partner merchandise, including 30 caps in total for the player to represent their new team. when they called, a personalized ball, a speaker and headphones, among other products.

From Hernán and the Giant

The first Argentines drafted were Hernán Montenegro and Jorge González, in 1988.

The Loco for the Sixers, in 57th place and, previously, the Giant, by Atlanbta Hawks, in 54th place.

Neither of them made their debut.

Marcelo Nicola (currently Lucas Faggiano’s coach in Spain) was the third, in 1993, chosen 50th by Houston. And he didn’t play either.

Along this path of the draft, the first to play was Manu Ginobili, who was chosen by San Antonio in 57th place in 1999, debuting in 2002.

Two other chosen were Luis Scola (56th, for the Spurs and passed to Houston) and Federico Kammerichs, selected for Portland (51st), but did not debut.

Further back in time, Carlos Delfino entered in 2003, chosen 25th by Detroit and made his debut.

And the rest was Juan Pablo Vaulet, for Charlotte Hornets and traded to the Nets. It was in 2015 and he never played.

There were also several Argentines who came to the NBA without being drafted: Pepe Sánchez, Rubén Wolkowyski, Fabricio Oberto, Pablo Prigioni, Andrés Nocioni, Walter Herrmann, Nicolás Brussino, Patricio Garino and Nicolás Laprovittola.


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