Learn about iOS 15 features and release date.. the best upgrades with Apple’s new iPhone update

The latest iOS 15 software may be released from Camel As early as September, it’s set to bring some great upgrades to Apple as the tech giant announced iOS 15 in June and said it would be released sometime during “fall 2021,” according to The Sun.

revealed Apple Already reported on a few key features coming to iOS 15 during a presentation at WWDC 2021.

The update will introduce a redesigned home screen and some big changes to Apple’s messaging app, iMessage.

It will also include an updated lock screen and a host of new privacy and notification features.

FaceTime fans will also have access to a useful background feature.

Some people have already tested the features via the iOS 15 public beta program.

What is the iOS 15 release date?

If you want to try out the iOS 15 beta, you can sign up for the Apple Beta page and sign up with your Apple ID.

Apple has not set a specific release date for iOS 15 for all users, but it is expected to drop sometime in September.

What’s new in iOS 15?

And a new iOS 15 widget called Focus allows users to set different notification preferences based on what they’re doing.

For example, you will have the option to select whether the phone beeps or not, or whether it vibrates, depending on your current state.

You will be able to use a new menu to select if you are driving, working, sleeping or a custom state of your choice.

The menu will appear on the updated lock screen and in the Control Center, the iPhone and iPad menu for quick access to settings.

Focus will even notify your iMessage contacts of your status to let them know why you haven’t responded to their text messages.

iMessage major updates

Apple is also working on major updates to iMessage that make it more like a social media platform like WhatsApp.

One way to do this is to make it easier to manage and interact with the photos and news articles that your friends share through the app.

The Apple Photos and Apple news apps will have new areas that store only the content your friends share.

A number of the company’s other apps, such as Wallet, Safari, Apple Maps, and Health, are undergoing minor improvements as well.

FaceTime, for example, lets you blur the background of your videos.

Streaming your video will give an effect similar to the Portrait mode available on the cameras of recent iPhones.

You will also be able to upload your passport or driver’s license to Apple Wallet, allowing you to check in, for example, at airports using your phone.

Another new feature revealed by Apple is designed to make it easier to show your friends what you’re listening or watching.

It’s called Share Play, and it allows you to listen to music or watch a streaming app with members of a call, while syncing video for all users.

Notifications are getting a new look, and they will now be grouped into a useful group called Notification Summary.

Apple will use artificial intelligence to find out which notifications are most important to you. You can set any time of the day you want to be reminded to read.

Apple periodically releases software updates for iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone.

In addition to bug fixes and patching vulnerabilities, downloads add new features that Apple engineers are working on.


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