Learn about the cities that recorded the most Corona injuries during the past 24 hours

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, Sunday (September 25, 2022), the Ministry of Health announced the number of new cases infected with the Corona virus in the Kingdom, as well as the cases of recovery that were recorded during the past 24 hours through its official website.

During the past 24 hours, health recorded: 96 new infections with the Corona virus, 100 recoveries and one death, and 35 critical cases, while the total cases of infected people in the Kingdom have reached 815,839 so far, and the total number of people recovered has reached 803,135 cases, while the total deaths amounted to 9,342 cases. death.

With regard to the cities with the highest records of new Corona injuries, they came as follows: Riyadh (45), Jeddah (17), Dammam (5), and Makkah (4).

As for the cities with the highest number of recoveries, they were as follows: Riyadh (49), Jeddah (13), Medina (7), Dammam (6).

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