Learn about the iOS 15 features that you should use

Apple announced a wide range of features in the new iOS 15 system, but as usual, it did not announce all its features and capabilities, according to a report by the Arab Gateway for Technical News. The launch conference, so you find a lot of unknown features for users that some may not know, and some of these features are very important.

And you don’t need to have an iPhone 13 to be able to use these features, as it is part of iOS 15, reduce the noise around you in Facetime.

The FaceTime platform is one of the most important and largest platforms for remote speaking, whether by voice or calls, and iPhone users always rely on it, so Apple has developed the platform’s features and added a new feature that allows you to reduce the background noise surrounding you while making Facetime calls.

This feature works with some remote chat and meeting applications as well and is not completely exclusive to the Facetime platform, and you can access this feature by going to the Control Center and choosing the isolation mode in the microphone modes, making anonymous calls silent via iOS 15, and if you get a lot of calls from strange numbers or anonymously, with this feature you can make calls completely silent.

This works exclusively on calls from numbers that are not registered with you in the phone, so that these calls do not disturb you, and you can do this by going to the settings application in the phone, and then choosing the phone and then muting calls from unknown numbers.

By choosing to take a picture of the entire page in the iPhone image capture application, you can save the pages in PDF format, and you can use this method with ease, as you need to take a picture of the screen and then click on Choose the full page, and then choose to save the image, Then you will be presented with several options for the page layout that you want to save.

Measure distances with iOS 15

Apple introduced the ruler or measurement application for the first time with iOS 12, and the application relies on augmented reality technologies, and this application allows you to measure anything you want, as if you are holding a ruler and measuring distances and dimensions as you wish, and you can find the application pre-installed in your phone You can use it without having to download or activate it.


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