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Learn about the most powerful updates and features for the WhatsApp Gold update in 2020


There was a sudden stop in the WhatsApp golden application for all users, and this matter made them anxious and distraught, but then it became clear that one of the most powerful updates in this application are being launched throughout the year 2020, when this update contains new additions and features that were not present from Before, it is worth noting that this application is considered one of the most important applications in the whole world in instant messaging, which is a developed version of the original WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp Gold update extensions

Golden WhatsApp application contains all the features and additions that were present in the original application, with some new additions that did not exist before and users were always searching for them in all similar applications, including the lack of a certain number of images that are sent on the application, or a specific space It is one of the videos that can be sent or downloaded as well, and it is keen to provide privacy greatly to the users.

WhatsApp new golden features for 2020

In this application, the user can separate the Wi-Fi from the application only if he does not want to receive any messages to operate in the rest of the applications normally, and he can also use two numbers on the same phone, and restore the messages that were deleted again on this application.



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