Learn at Home. Work plan week 4 from 20 to 24 September 2021

This Monday begins the fourth week of 2021-2022 school cycle, to be held from September 20 to 24. Students who have not yet chosen the return to face-to-face classes, continue with the SEP virtual classes that are taught through Learn at Home.

Learn at Home is the program that the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) implemented since 2020, as the educational axis in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the Learn at Home features it is that it places emotional well-being, health care and the continuity of the educational process of girls, boys and adolescents at the center.

This week, at Healthy Living, primary school students will learn more about the Plate of Well Eating, nutritional needs, the importance of following a nutritious diet. In secondary school, some topics about Biodiversity and its causes, the use of punctuation, among other topics, will be addressed.

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Schedules and channels of Aprende en Casa III primary

FIRST 9:00 a 11:30 12:00 a 15:30
SECOND 11:00 a 13:30 15:00 a 17:30
THIRD 13:30 a 17:00 17:30 a 20:00
ROOM 16:30 a 19:00 19:30 a 22:00
FIFTH 19:00 a 21:30 7:30 a 10:00
SIXTH 21:00 a 22:30 9:30 a 12:00

Schedules and channels of Aprende en Casa III secondary

DEGREE CHANNELS 20.1 + 3.2 CHANNELS 20.1 + 3.2
FIRST 16:00 a 19:00 21:30 a 00:00
SECOND 8:00 a 11:00 18:030 a 21:30
CHANNELS 20.1 + 3.2 CHANNELS 22.1 + 14.2 + 6.3
THIRD 10:30 a 13:30 15:00 a 18:00

Below we share the Learn at Home schedule for primary and secondary school for this first week of classes of the 2021 to 2022 school year.

Return to classes not compulsory

The SEP reported that returning to school in person is not mandatory; Parents or guardians will be able to choose whether the children and adolescents (NNA) continue with the classes online.

The Agreement 08/23/21 of the SEP points out the following:

To maintain access to educational services for those who opt for preventive confinement, the agreement orders the continuity in the use of information, communication, knowledge and digital learning technologies, as well as distance education programs “Learn at Home ”,“ Young people on TV ”,“ Baccalaureate on TV ”, among other strategies developed by the agency.


Primary_Week04 by Laura Islas

Secondary Week04 by Laura Islas

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