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“The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the lives of millions of people around the world, the losses and grief associated with them, fatigue, new concerns and adaptation to a different way of life pose challenges for people, families and organizations ”, warns Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences of Universidad Tecmilenio.


With the mission of helping all these people to find paths to well-being and happiness is how the agenda of the ninth annual edition of Wellbeing 360° 2021, he explains.

Rosalinda Ballesteros. Photo Wellbeing 360°

It is a completely online meeting, organized by the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences of Universidad Tecmilenio, which, together with world-class experts, will offer attendees tools to achieve their well-being and develop a positive emotional state.

The event will take place from Monday, October 25 until the 29th. In it, great personalities will participate in a series of activities, workshops and presentations around five main axes: Positive Organizations, Positive Education, Purpose Driven Life, Positive Families and Cities in Wellbeing; to publicize the most relevant and current in terms of development and personal growth.

Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences of the Tecmilenio University

The Forum brings together expert leaders such as Kim Cameron, who promotes positive leadership as a way to achieve extraordinary results; Barbara Fredrickson, creator of the theory of the Expansion and Construction of Positive Emotions; Rommel pacheco, Mexican Olympic medalist; Happy Okamoto, specialist in Mindfulness; Vandana Shiva, prestigious Hindu feminist, philosopher of science, physicist and writer.

Thus also like, Tal Ben Shahar, recognized professor with the most popular class in Harvard history, as well as a writer specializing in the areas of positive psychology and leadership; the Dr. Ryan M. of Germany, psychologist, educator and renowned writer, author of “Mindfulness and Character Strengths”; Philip Kotler, one of the world’s leading experts in the strategic practice of Marketing; the princesses Sarah y Noor Bint Asem, great-granddaughters of King Abdullah I of Jordan; Deepak Chopra author of more than 91 books, with numerous literary successes according to The New York Times and a world expert in personal transformation; and Rosalinda Ballesteros, Master in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and current director of the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences at Tecmilenio University among many others.

Wellbeing 360° It is an opportunity to live unique, transcendental experiences and acquire new knowledge and learning at the same time. This year, we will have a very complete agenda, with experts and recognized voices from around the world, who will transmit their extensive knowledge in their fields of development, sharing incredible stories of personal success, self-improvement and self-knowledge, ”says Ballesteros.

Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences of the Tecmilenio University

Attendees will obtain the necessary tools to increase commitment, well-being, productivity, values ​​and a sense of innovation and creativity, applicable in their day to day.

Since last year, due to the distancing measures due to the health contingency, Wellbeing 360 ° has changed the modality of face-to-face event to virtual, with which it has managed to cross borders so that more people around the world join. This 2021 the participation of attendees from Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica and all Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America is expected.

To register for free and learn more about Wellbeing 360 °, workshops, conferences and speakers, visit the forum page Wellbeing 360°.


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