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Understanding and speaking English is now one of the biggest and most basic needs around the world. Millions of young people from underdeveloped countries are engaged in developing English reading, understanding and speaking skills in order to create better economic prospects for themselves.

Google has introduced a special feature keeping in mind the need of young English learners around the world. The ‘Speaking Practice’ feature was embedded in the search option so that young people who want to learn English can achieve their goal faster.

Users can now use the ‘Speaking Practice’ tool in Google Apps by connecting to Google Search Labs. Proficiency in English can be developed very quickly through this tool. English speakers as well as writers are needed around the world. Many young people learn to speak but are unable to express their thoughts in a reasonable manner. Google has introduced the feature of ‘Speaking Practice’ so that the youth will be inclined to write any word, sentence or paragraph following hearing it.

This important tool, developed with the help of artificial intelligence, will be more useful for young people in Colombia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Mexico, India and Argentina. This tool or feature does not eliminate the need for any standard English conversation course but improves its outcome.

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2024-05-04 19:17:35

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