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The study and education of party history must ultimately be based on studying history and practicing, seeing the truth in overcoming difficulties, seeking practical results in taking responsibility, so as to learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, and make new breakthroughs.

Only by studying history and practicing, summing up experience and grasping the laws from the glorious history of the party, can we increase the courage and strength to advance, not to be fantasised, not to make noises, and to make strides towards the second centenary goal of the struggle on a down-to-earth basis.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his visit to Tibet: “Learning history and practicing is the goal of party history learning and education. The achievements of learning history, increasing trust in learning history, and cultivating morality in learning history must be transformed into practical actions to transform the subjective and objective worlds.” Party History The ultimate goal of learning and education is to study history and practice, combining the study of party history with summing up experience, observing reality, and promoting work, as well as solving practical problems, seeing the truth in overcoming difficulties, and seeking practical results in taking responsibility. Achieve learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical things, and making new breakthroughs.

Quality is better than China, and actions are better than words. Adhering to the unity of knowledge and action, promoting action by knowledge, and seeking knowledge by action are important experiences of our party in promoting the development of the cause. To learn the history of the party, the most important thing is to do it, and it is the most important thing to do it. The transformation of the subjective world and the objective world by party history learning and education needs to be achieved through “practice”. From “willing to be passionate about China” to “being a lifetime scalper for the party and the people”, from “we must catch up with the times” to “must race against time and keep pace with history”… Our party has been able to Continuous growth and development depend on the hard work and continuous struggle of batch after batch of Chinese Communist Party members. “Don’t do it, there is no even a bit of Marxism.” Only by studying history, summing up experience from the glorious history of the party and grasping the laws can the courage and strength of pioneering advancement be enhanced. The second centenary goal is striving forward.

To study history and practice, we must practice the party spirit. Party spirit is the cornerstone for party members and cadres to stand up, build up their careers, stand up, and stand up for morality, and must be continuously strengthened in the strict inner-party life exercise. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: “For one hundred years, the Communist Party of China has carried forward the great party-building spirit, built the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists through long-term struggle, and tempered a distinctive political character.” It doesn’t matter if you behead your head, as long as the doctrine is true, Xia Minghan, to Wang Jinxi, who is “desperately trying to win the big oil field”; from Kong Fansen, who is rooted in the snow-covered plateau, to the “headmaster’s mother” Zhang Guimei who illuminates the dreams of poor mountain girls… On behalf of outstanding party members, sacrifices, dedication, and hardship are the first to shine, shining with shocking party spirit, which interprets the party spirit of Communist Party members. To study history and practice, we must carry forward the glorious tradition of the party, maintain the red blood, use the great party-building spirit to nourish the party spirit, strengthen ideals and convictions, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, and have a “big country” in mind. Always practice self-discipline with the principles of party spirit, and earnestly win the people’s trust and lead the masses with strong party spirit.

To study history and to practice, we must practice in serving the people. Looking back at the centuries of party history, the root cause of our party’s continued support from the people is that it has always been with the people, breathing together, and sharing destiny. Li Dazhao’s value pursuit of “seek happiness for the majority of people”, the “half quilt” feelings of the people on the Long March Road; in the fight against poverty, “As long as I can do it, I will always do things for the people in the village” solemn promise to fight the epidemic In the struggle, the charge of “I am a party member, I will go first, and the epidemic will not retreat, I will not retreat”… It is in the same line, it is the unswerving goal of struggle and the sincere feelings of the people’s supremacy. In the extraordinary course of a hundred years, our party has always maintained a flesh-and-blood connection with the people, wanting to be with the people, working together, sharing the same ups and downs through storms and hardships. To learn from history and practice, we must always put the people in the highest position in our hearts, be a confidant, caring person, and guide for the people, work hard to solve the problems of the people’s despair and hope, and strive to promote the common prosperity of all people to achieve more obvious results. Substantial progress.

To study history and practice, we must practice in promoting development. Today, the Chinese nation is marching towards a great rejuvenation at an unstoppable pace. Our party has united and led the Chinese people on a new road to rushing for the exam to achieve the goal of the second century of struggle. On the new journey, how can we better implement the new development concept and consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation? How to better protect people’s livelihood needs and continue to realize people’s yearning for a better life? How to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities to make various systems more complete? This puts forward higher requirements for party members and cadres to perform their duties and perform their duties. To study history and practice, we must combine the study of party history with the promotion of work, insist on seeking truth and being pragmatic, taking responsibility, creatively implementing the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, focusing on solving development problems, strengthening development advantages, and striving to make a worthy of the party and the people. Worthy of new achievements in history and times.

The tide of history is rushing forward, and the great cause shocks people’s hearts. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “All great achievements are the result of continuous struggle, and all great undertakings need to be carried forward in the past.” In learning the history of the party, we will feel the strength, the spirit of forging, and the enlightenment. We will surely move forward without hindrance. , To create new and greater miracles in the new era and new journey.

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