Learning: “Several models of CFA will emerge”

The organization chaired by Aurélien Cadiou represents, supports and promotes learning. He gives his opinion on the new apprenticeship training centers (CFA) that companies can open since the law on the freedom to choose his professional future of August 2018.

Can business CFAs eventually become the norm and replace traditional establishments?

AURÉLIEN CADIOU. I don’t think there will be a replacement, even if the question arose during the reform because many companies have announced their plans to create CFAs. Finally, there are less than expected because some realize the cost incurred and the fact that it is necessary to reach a certain number of apprentices to be profitable. In addition, a good part of these corporate CFAs work in partnership with traditional centers, especially for the theoretical part of the apprenticeship. Currently, there are both small centers of regional size and others headed by national networks. We are now in a very liberal market in which several CFA models will emerge.

Doesn’t the apprentice run the risk of being too dependent on the company which trained him?

The rectorates check the content of the training courses and ensure that the courses provided are in line with the established standards. Moreover, the risk of dependency is relative. If the young person stays in the company, he is operational even faster. If he decides to leave it, this can be a recruitment factor for competitors who will be precisely interested in his training in the original company. In certain cases, such as the trade of boilermaker, there are no appreciable differences in training from one CFA to another.

In the end, what are the main advantages of corporate CFAs compared to others?

Companies that operate in sectors where it is difficult to find young people can recruit directly, this is progress. They can better prepare them for their know-how, which is not necessarily the case in a traditional center. Some CFA companies train on specific machines or software while the traditional centers use the tools usually used in National Education. These can be different. On the financial level, companies can also pay part of the apprenticeship tax to their own CFA rather than putting it in the common pot.

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