Leaving dead fish in Lake Qaraoun could be catastrophic

The National Authority of the Litani River appealed to all ministries, municipalities, concerned agencies, civil societies and scouting teams about the “catastrophic repercussions of leaving dead carp fish in Lake Qaraoun”, indicating that “it may be catastrophic”, as it indicated that “the authority teams with some volunteers have recovered more than 40 tons of fish were killed during the past two days and are being treated according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Environment. The authority warned that its teams, along with the teams of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, have today documented the abundance of green and blue flies, and since the weather factors (high temperature) help to accelerate the reproduction process of this Disease-carrying flies, their numbers are expected to double hundreds of times in the next two weeks if fish carcasses are not removed from the lake and treated in a scientific way, which may pose a health risk to the population living near the lake:

The authority indicated that “thousands of dead fish have begun to decompose in the water, which will increase the biological pollution of the lake. A shortage of oxygen and a sharp rise in levels of ammonia, nitrates and phosphates will cause catastrophic repercussions on the remaining biodiversity in the lake and may cause the spread of cyanobacteria at unprecedented rates, in addition to Smells that will threaten the population. “
The authority called on all concerned parties to form teams equipped to support the authority to work on a daily basis to remove the dead fish from the lake before its decomposition, in order to avoid a worsening disaster.

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