“Lebanese Forces” launches its electoral campaign today..Geagea appeals to the Saudi leadership

The “Lebanese Forces” party launches its election campaign, on the anniversary of March 14, this afternoon at the headquarters in Maarab. The party leader, Samir Geagea, will have a speech in preparation for the entitlement of May 15, in the presence of members of the “Strong Republic” bloc, “forces” candidates and members of the General Assembly.

In response to a question by “Nidaa Al-Watan” about what should be done to save the situation in Lebanon, Geagea said, “The situation in Lebanon is already very complicated, and the recent Ukraine crisis has made it more complicated and difficult in terms of increasing prices in many consumer items, foremost of which are fuels, bread and other basic living items. Everyone knows that despite the talks that are taking place at the present time with the International Monetary Fund, there are no hopeful results until after the May 15 elections, and the radical and actual solution, for us, can only be an actual change in the composition of the current parliament, and hence our big bet. On the May 15 elections, but will we leave the Lebanese people from now until May 15 in the sea of ​​pain and aches that drown them from every side and sides? Of course not, but at the same time I do not bet in any way on the current authority. What to do then?, Geagea answers: “In my opinion, there is one and only solution, and this is what has historically saved Lebanon in every crisis it is going through, which is to help the Gulf brothers, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From this point of view in particular, I appeal to the Saudi leadership and all Gulf leaders to return to Lebanon, Because Lebanon the people are effectively left at the present time, and because the Lebanese people are in dire need of their usual assistance to pass this difficult stage. He continued: “I appeal to the Saudi leadership and all Gulf leaders to reconsider their position on Lebanon, not out of conviction of the current authority, of course, but out of faith in the Lebanese people, and with the exception of that, I do not see any glimmer of hope before the parliamentary elections, and I hope that the May 15 elections will carry with it, if God wills, good tidings.” Desired change.

Source: Nida Al-Watan

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