Lebanese General Security: A large number of passport seekers do not use them

The General Directorate of Lebanese Public Security said that the organizational measures it has recently taken to obtain Lebanese passports seek to help citizens wishing to travel by giving them priority to obtain passports.

For months, the Lebanese have been suffering from delays in obtaining dates for passport renewal, forcing the directorate to take regulatory measures to give the compelled priority over others, which sparked controversy in Lebanon.

In an explanatory statement issued yesterday, the directorate said, “For more than a year and a half, the General Directorate of Public Security has witnessed a significant increase in the number of citizens wishing to obtain Lebanese passports, as these requests exceeded the requests of previous years, which was reflected in crowding in the scattered public security centers. On all lands, it made it impossible to process all citizens’ requests and hand them over passports within the specified deadlines, for administrative, technical and logistical reasons.

She added: “Faced with this reality, the Directorate took a series of organizational measures during that period, leading to the launch of the electronic platform to reserve specific dates for them in advance to submit passport applications, but, despite all these measures, citizens’ complaints continued to be received by Public Security about their inability to obtain them. They are in urgent need of passports, and their reasons are right.”

In view of this situation, this General Directorate resorted to conducting a study and analysis of the numbers, and it was found that “the overwhelming majority of citizens obtained passports without using them, and this percentage amounted to about 69 percent, and about 20 thousand citizens renewed their passports in 2021, and they were The validity of the renewed passport exceeds two years, and a large number of more than 15,000 passports were completed in public security centers and were not received from their owners.

Hence, the directorate affirmed, “The great pressure increase resulting from the large number of requests for passports for more than a year, has exceeded all expectations and previously prepared studies, and takes into account the reasonable increases that occur according to the scientific bases adopted in the laws and regulations of public procurement, which negatively affected the Passport inventory. She added, “Nevertheless, the directorate hastened to take all necessary measures in accordance with the applicable laws, in order to secure sufficient passports for the coming years, and referred the official transactions to the concerned authorities in order to secure funding to complete the purchase process and achieve the required.”

Based on the above, the General Directorate of Public Security announced that it had “taken additional organizational measures to preserve the freedom of movement of citizens wishing to travel and help them by giving them priority to obtain passports in the face of this large number of requests.”

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